Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Happy First

lesliereid (and her daughter Cambryn) came to visit this weekend and any body who comes to the Joe's HAS to go to Sam & Ella's in Tahlequah for the best pizza ever! It is a tradition for our group to try to be seated in the Chicken Coop. It is the best seat in the house and gives great echos while we whoop and holler. :o) This was their first visit to S&E and now they know we are not lying when we sing the praises of Rock Island Red Pizza. Next on the "to do" list, the Dominquer: A pizza with chicken, bacon, ranch and fresh tomatoes.
You will notice that lesliereid has a hold of Carlyjo's hands. Tha is so Carlyjo will not hide her pretty face. :o) Thanks Les!


  1. BOO HOO HOO!!! I want Sam and Ella's with the Jo's! I'd even have Sam and Ella's with Leslie even though I don't know her. But a friend of the Jo's is a friend of mine!

    Can't wait to be traveling again and head to the 'Quah!

  2. Did you ask them if they had any of them there french fried taters?

  3. What a fine looking bunch we make! I'll probably need to get a S&E fix every time I go "home" now. That Rock Island Red pizza might very well be the best pizza I've ever had in my life. Thanks for a great night, including the blast-from-the-past tour of my alma mater. The Joe Family Rocks!

  4. man I love that pizza.
    what an attractive group of people!

  5. Geeeeeeeeeeee, guess we never been to the coop. Hint, Hint picture


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