Monday, August 11, 2008

A Sad First

Our baby daughter got a nasty cut on the bottom of her foot Saturday. She was trying to help Dad out and get two large jars of pickles out of the fridge and dropped one. She stepped down and got a very nasty cut. The nasty cut gushed blood galore. The Daddy was trapped barefoot on the floor full of glass too. The Momma came when the cry went out. It was evident that she needed stitches so off we went.
Let me tell you how tough our baby is: She cried when she cut her foot, then again when she was nervous about getting stitches but didn't cry when the doctor numbed her foot. She was so brave!! She "blew the pain away" just like Momma said and breathed in through her nose and out through her mouth. She didn't cry and was so TOTALLY AWESOME!! She even had to endure the shots a second time when some of the numbing effect wore off while we waited on a radiologist to read her x-rays (to make sure there wasn't a glass fragment in the cut)
She got 4 stitches and has let them slow her down very little. She takes care of it, keeping it bandaged up and clean. We just hope she does ok at school this week. They start Thursday and she will have to go several days with a house shoe on. :o)
That was excitement in the Joe house that I don't want again any time soon!


  1. Poor little girl!!! I'm proud that she was so brave.

  2. Ouch! This little piggy went to market! Very brave little girl! And mom and dad!

  3. How's the brave heart one doing, got the stitches out yet?

  4. How's the brave heart one doing, got the stitches out yet?

  5. Oh my gosh. That is horrid. Poor girl.

    I just sliced my fingernail with a sharp knife while cutting cilantro. Don't ask me how I did it. It is bad too. Down to the meat underneath. I think the nail is keeping it all together. Gross.

    She was so brave!!!!

  6. Sorry to hear about the boo-boo. It will be better before you know it. Kids heal so fast...


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