Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to the father of our children.
You are a sweet "girl Daddy" and it shows in the way you interact with our daughters. You can manage their stresses and drama like a pro.
Mine too.
You give good pep talks
You discipline with love and understanding
You fill our lives with laughter and love (and pinches and pesters too!)
But we know you tease the people you like. :o)
It is fun to watch you with Carly and Cassi. You pester them mercilessly then pull them in for hugs and kisses. They always want more and you always oblige.
We are very blessed to have you in our lives
and we love you very much.
With much love,
Suzy, Carly and Cassi JOE
To my father:
The first man I ever loved
The man who knows a little bit about everything
The man who can fix anything or build it (if you can draw it)
You taught me to be a hard worker
Be honest
Help others
Be fair
Love family
I hope I have done a good job.
To my Father In Law
I love your son very much
I am glad he has your gift of making people feel good
It is one of his most endearing qualities.
You did good.
You are loved very much Utah!
Love Suzy
To my Fater In Law
The smartest person I know
and the tallest. :o)
You are a gentle giant and I love to see you with the little girls playing and talking just like you were their playmate.
Thank you for being so loving to me and my family.
You are loved.
K, S, C & C


  1. Thanks for almost making me cry.

  2. are blessed to have so many good father figures in your life. :) (and have a BLAST in Chicago!)

  3. Beautiful tribute to special people in your lives.

    Great news about your Chicago trip!

  4. Almost DOES count, You're right. Happy Father's Day to all mentioned. Best wishes.

    "Hi!" from Norman! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. Aunt Jo, your household is truly blessed, with all these worthy, wonderful men. Lucky lucky you, and your children too!

  6. The Fathers day means nothing to me. Except it means that I get to deal with a day for someone that I never had in my life. Either way? I saved money


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