Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reunion Blast Off

Yesterday was Uncle Joe's 30th High School Reunion Meet and Greet. I have been anxious for WEEKS for this to come. I had a list of people I wanted to meet and got to meet almost all of them last night.

We arrived at the hotel on time and the two meeting rooms filled up with MHS grads very quickly. The room got crowded with people hugging and visiting and the volume went up uP UP til it was a deafening roar of happy grads reliving their glory days, sharing family stories and making new friends.

The mass of bodies in the room caused the temperature to rise so we left a few times to cool off and see who was waiting in the cool air in the halls.

Here we are taking a break from the festivities at Starbucks. We left to have some refreshments and let our ears rest a bit. After some hot coffee, some cold coffee and a sweet snack we went back to check on everyone and bid them good night. A good time was had by all........

Left to right: Leslie, Monica, Jeff, Me, Uncle Joe


  1. My internet is being retarded today, it took about 9 hours to load the picture. I see uncle Joe combed his hair for the occasion

  2. 30 years? That's a lot to catch up on! I hope everyone was present and accounted for. You both look so happy in this pic...

  3. There were several classmates who live in the area that didn't come for one reason or another. They have heard what a good time we had and are very sad now.

    THanks for stopping by!


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