Saturday, June 14, 2008

...........and We're Off!

Plans have been made.

Reservations reserved.

Credit card is burning hot.

We are going to Chicago for vacation in July!

The children will have their very first airplane ride.

We are going to see some famous Chicago landmarks and

We will also be meeting her and her sweet family.

We are excited! Well maybe just me. I am easily excitable. haha


  1. We haven't hunted or fished in over a year so we're getting kicked out.

  2. please do not wet your pants from the excitement

  3. UJ: i am going to miss this place

    Doozie: We bought Depends for the trip.

  4. Are you calling Seeker a famous Chicago landmark?

  5. The first and last time we were in Chicago was when I was pregnant with HubbaDood (he's 8.5 now). It was a nice trip. I wish we had been to the museums though.

  6. How fun!! Have a wonderful time, and make sure to eat a hot dog for me and report back!

  7. You are gonna love the city. It's my kinda town. Of course, now Sterling is my kinda town. Am counting the days... :-)

  8. Chicago! My kind of town! Woo-hoo! (No, I've never been there but I've spent years dreaming about going to a Chicago steakhouse and having a steak I'll remember for the rest of my life...)

    Aunt Jo, this vacation sounds terrific. It's very'll even have to take pics on the plane and post!


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