Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Leaving Oklahoma

Today while I was at work I got paged to take a call. Nothing unusual about that. The man on the other end greeted me with a thick country accent. (It may have been and probably was fake.)

"Good Mornin' Maaaaaam"

Me: Good morning.

"My name is Buddy from the Oklahoma Wildlife Federation and I am calling today to tell you about some new information coming into effect in Oklahoma in October. Do you have a huntin' or fishin' license??"

Me: Ummm no we don't hunt or fish. Is this a personal call??

"Well maaaam I would like to tell you about the new law. Next year if you live in the state of Oklahoma and do NOT hunt or fish at least once in a 12 month period, we are going to ask you to leave the state. "

Me: silence.....mind racing.....this doesn't sound like Uncle Joe, or Tedly. Maybe it is a new crazy friend, CJ?? No I don't think any of them could keep a straight face that long. Is this guy for real?? Am I being punk'd?? Is there a camera watching me?? ARE YOU SERIOUS!? I started to laugh out loud.......

"Naaaawwww maam, not really, we are just soliciting donations for the Wildlife Camp for local children to experience all that Oklahoma has to offer...would you like to donate??"


I wonder if that works on anybody?? It really is mean....but funny.


  1. Oh, good lord...cons trying anything nowadays.

    "I'll donate as soon as my Brooklyn Bridge sells"

  2. But all major credit cards are accepted, and bank cards too, as long as you provide your pin#.

  3. LOL! I suppose they think if they can get people laughing they can loosen up their wallets. :-P

  4. someone left a comment pertaining to this post on the post above, and it was very out of place but now I get it. I would have told that guy that if he calls anymore people you will have to ask HIM to move out of the state

  5. Well, its a novel approach, I'll say that....but really, this guy does sound like a bozo!


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