Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Welcome to our world sweet baby!
I have a new niece!
...born to my brother in law, Jory and his wife Noriko who live waaaaay over in Japan. We will be seeing the baby and her family some time this summer. I wait with bated breath. I want to hold her, kiss her feet and breathe the sweet baby smell of her head. :o)
I also plan on kissing her big brother Kai all over his little face when I see him.
I wonder what they will name her??
*Isn't her mother beautiful?!


  1. she looks like she has just stepped off the catwalk.....

    (mum that is)

    UJ better watch out...sounds like someone is thinking some 'clucky' thoughts.

  2. PT: I am sure her tiny mother was glad to have her step out too! My BIL is not a huge man, but you know Japanese women are small, so.....

    "clucky"?? I have never heard that before! thanks for the laugh. i feel like a CHICKEN!

  3. clucky is a term we use for women who want to have a baby.

  4. ....but I just want to BORROW one for a while.

    There was a lady that I worked with a few years back who came in the office yesterday. She was carrying a baby. My co worker kept asking her which one of her kids had the baby (two of three are adults) she kept say, "He's mine" and she kept asking "Which one of your kids does he belong to?" after about 3 volleys of that line of question/answers it finally dawned on my friend. It was HER baby. She is 45 yrs old. I guess it can happen even at 45! *shudders* I love babies but I really don't need to have another one.

    just kidding.

  5. Very pretty lady and miraculous daughter. I'm always amazed by the wonder of childbirth... that is as long as I'm not the one in labor at the time. AFTER my babies came out, I was back to the wonderment of it all.

    I LOVE babies!!!!!

  6. JD: yes, Noriko is a very beautiful woman. She is very petite and dainty. She will be towered over by her 2 oldest nieces this summer and Cassi may be looking eye to eye with her soon. :o)

    Isn't it amazing that a woman can go through all that pain of labor and delivery and the moment the baby is born she is smiling and oblivious to the pain she just endured? God is good.


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