Friday, May 16, 2008

Goodbyes and Dreams

when one of your favorite characters is killed-off on your favorite tv show. You see it coming.......yet can't look away.

Last night I dreamed I was going to be crowned an Indian Princess. (I AM part Cherokee Indian. Only a little part, but still a part. )I wondered how I had gotten chosen. I didn't have a crown so I was going to use this intricate beaded necklace as a crown. I had to show my escort how to put it on me but I couldn't find him any where. I wandered around the campus (maybe of Bacone college? A local Indian College) looking for my unknown escort. I kept walking into private meetings, and secret rooms. I never found him and never had my coronation.


  1. i cried for weeks when mr burns got shot.....

  2. PT: you have some 'splainin' to do. Who is Mr. Burns?? I spoke of the character, Warrick Brown (Actor Gary Dourdan) of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). He got fired from the show for real-life naughtiness and the writers killed him in a mob related hit. I have to watch at least one episode of CSI a day. It is a sickness and I may have to seek treatment. haha

  3. burns from the simpsons

  4. ....where was I? I must have missed that series. haha

    My dad taught Cassijo to say "mmmmmmchocolate" like Homer when she was a baby. :o)

  5. Well then, those dream people don't know what they were missing!

    what is your fav show and who got killed off?

    I dreamed about "scott stiles" all night and I have no clue who that is

  6. You must have been smoking peyote.

    Not in your dream, but in real life.

  7. Doozie: CSI's Warrick Brown (Actor Gary Dourdan) got kilt.

    JOE: actually I ate one third of an order of "fresh onion rings" from Mac's. That's what did it I think.

  8. Oh, CRAP!! I did not know about Warrick, and I have that episode taped. Well, now I know he bites the bullet, kicks the bucket, sleeps with the fishes...

    Dreams are weird.

  9. Alas, poor Warrick, I knew him well.

  10. Jamie: OOPS!! So sorry!!

    UJ: yes you did. you good man, sitting through hours upon hours of csi's. thank you.;o)


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