Monday, May 12, 2008

Second Grade Idol

Uncle Joe has been working with Cassidy to learn a song, Summerwind. (Made famous by Frank Sinatra) He has been asking her to sing it for her class. She finally agreed and you can read about what happened over at Joe's place. I wish I could have been there. It makes me misty every time I hear that angel voice sing. I think it is waaaay cool that UJ has gotten both of our girls interested in music. When Carly was little he would take her to the "music room" (a finished detached garage at our old house) and he would play the electric piano and she would sing with the microphone and sing the funniest songs. She was so little....about 3 yrs old and would sing these serious songs and sing on key to what UJ was playing and made it up as they went! Cassi fills our house with songs all day every day, and this day she filled the classroom too.


  1. Music is the frosting on life's cake, well...that and your awesome dad coming for show in tell.

    Guess who is going to take violin lessons and play like her grandfather? That would be me.

  2. I think it is waaaaay cool too!

  3. you are being very cheeky.....i loved the title of this post!!!

  4. Hi Aunt Jo! I visited Uncle Joe and read the story and saw the pics first. Had to tell you how lovely your little girl is and how blessed you are to have an involved Daddy for your kiddo!

    I hope that your day is lovely!!!


  5. Way to go, Cassidy & UJ!!!!

    I love that monkey shirt!

  6. Jamie: Does that look familiar?? We bought it on our trip to Hickville!

    Jenn: Yes they do waaa doo!!

    Jenn2: Thank you very much for visiting. I think UJ is pretty cool too.

    PT: I am ALWAYS cheeky! ;o)

    G-mom: Yeaaaa!

    Aunt Bee: Yay for you!!


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