Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day

Today was such a great day. I awoke briefly as Uncle Joe hopped out of bed very early and shut the door to our bedroom. I thought (and hoped) something was up. I stayed in bed like a good Mommy and waited.
Soon after I dozed off again I was awakened by my family serving me breakfast in bed! I have never had breakfast in bed so it was a real treat. I had scrambled eggs, toast with peach jam, mangoes and some small pieces of steak that UJ and the girls cooked up. It was great and I loved it! Now that they have set the precedent I look forward to next year! They also got me a very beautiful hanging basket with tiny purple flowers in it that will hang in our front yard. :o)
I have a surprise gift coming this week. I have no idea what it is but CassiJo does and I am thinking she will tell me soon. :o) She can't keep a secret.
Church was great too. Our neighbors had a great day: Two sons and a mom were baptized and their daughter dedicated. What a great gift to the mom and grandmother!
Dinner at Mom and Dad's was wonderful. Not necessarily the food (see previous post) but my father was so different. He sat next to my brother as usual. My brother (and formerly my dad) says something to the effect of "let's get this prayer over with quick I'm hungry". My dad's response was "Praying isn't a chore any more. It is a privilege" and he began the most beautiful prayer. He has always been able to verbalize his feelings well, but this just blew me away! He was praying this eloquent yet simple prayer that brought me (and every other adult female at the table) to tears. Something that struck me was " Thank you for mothers that were, mothers that are the mothers to be." I cannot tell you blog friends how much it thrills my soul to hear my father speak his heart and love his Saviour and not be ashamed. He has taken his God-given place as the leader of our extended family and I know he will be forever changed and I look forward to the changes in our family. My mother is still in a bit of shock over the transformation. (Not that my dad was ever terrible, but you know, when Jesus comes in and cleans house He throws out all the garbage and you get a REALLY clean house!)
We went to G-moms to love on her this afternoon and we got to visit with AndiJo and her daughters while we were there and we got to hear from JorySan from Japan. The baby is due in a week and if she doesn't arrive by 5-18 a c-section will be scheduled. We didn't even get a hint as to a name, but we call her S'Kai (sky) Jorysan and his family will be coming for a visit in July or August and we can't wait!
G-mom was feeling better after a terrible bout of sickness over the last month until she tried my cake then she got a bit of a tummy ache. :o( We had a fun visit, as usual, laughing at all UJ's antics. AndiJo wrote her mother two beautiful poems and a free-form type story. It was very beautiful and made me smile. She should really write more!
Happy Mothers Day to all my bloggie friends far and near. If you were here I would hug your neck and tell you I love you.


  1. the brekky in bed sounds great....

    you must be havin me on to say you have never had brekky in bed before, right???

    (.....your kids ask when it was going to be kids day?)

  2. Nope, this was my first brekky in bed and yes my kids DID ask several times, "Mom when is it going to be KIDS DAY." I said , "Duh, every day is kids day."

  3. Hello honey! I'm wishing you a belated Happy Mother's Day. It's my favorite holiday (it's even better than Christmas) and I was off enjoying it for the most part. Much love to you and your family!

  4. Here is what the menu said:

    Steak and Eggs, Toast w/Peach Jam,
    Mango slices.
    Ice cold milk.

  5. I got breakfast in bed and tiny purple flowers too. The best!

  6. what is the world coming to when you post twice in one day?

  7. Beautiful pic and beautiful post. Really meaningful...I love how you describe what effect Jesus has had....and to hear your father say a prayer for the wonder it brought a tear to your eyes....a lovely tribute to mothers....God's special helpers here on earth...

    Breakfast in bed is wonderful...I remember one year my daughter added a raw carrot to the tray...with the green top still attached and soil still in the grooves...she was still very young and had no idea of how to clean and peel it.....I was so touched, and while I've forgotten what food she served that morning, I'll never forget the carrot.!

    Ah, sweet Mother's Day Memories....and a very happy belated Mother's Day to you, Auntie Jo!

  8. Sounds like you REALLY had a great Mother's Day.

    Is your father recently saved or just suddenly becoming more mature in Christ?

    My father accepted Jesus as his Savior about, hmmmm, 8 years ago I think. The Lord just set him ON FIRE and he preaches now. It was something that I prayed for for so long, and had no idea that God would answer my prayers like that. I was asking for Salvation first, church second. He gave us Salvation, Church, Church Leadership, Witnessing to Anything that Breathes,..... a cup that runneth over!!

    Enjoyed your post very much.



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