Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ummmm YUCK?? I think.

Tonight I made my almost-famous chicken salad. Well, actually it was fruit salad with a little bit of chicken. I got a little heavy handed on the fruit. (Mix a large can of chicken with: Granny Smith apple peeled and chopped, a handful of raisins, a handful of white grapes cut in half, and a small bag of your choice of nuts either walnuts or almonds, mayo and or MiracleWhip to taste)

Anyway on with the story. We ate our Aunt Jo's Almost Famous Chicken Salad on toasted Wheat Berry bread. Yummy.

For a quick and easy dessert I picked up a quart of strawberries , strawberry glaze and short cakes. CassiJo cut up the strawberries and stirred in the glaze and we waited with bated breath to eat them.

I let Cassi plate up her shortcakes and she said:

"Mom what is this on here? Strawberry SLIME?"


  1. I'm a little weird about meat and fruit together, although I eat pizza with canadian bacon and pineapple, but I am definitely weird about cold chicken. I can't do that. That means chicken salad with or without fruit is out for me. Not that it matters, because I'm sure your almost famous chicken salad is delicious. I wish I could bring myself to try it.

  2. ok, to enable me to make a poignant comment (like i usually do), i'll need clarification on the following:

    - miraclewhip??? (a useful tool for disciplining the kids??)
    - wheat berry bread (nfi on that one)
    - quart of strawberries (punnet of strawberries??)
    - plate up...(pile up??)

    and my favorite,
    - mom (mum??)

  3. I love your chicken salad.

  4. AJ, someday we'll have to compare almost famous chicken salads. My secret it to use half miraclewhip and half mayo. I also don't use any fruit, but I do use some veggies and cheese.

    I say, let's have a picnic sometime!

  5. Hey! I know I was here this morning and posted a very thought provoking comment. I guess Blogger ate it.

    Gmom: I posted a recipe for HOT chicken salad on the Everyday Gourmet link on my sidebar. You should try it!! It is yummo too. It comes from one of the local tea houses and you KNOW they make delish dishes.

    Ponder: I would hate to miss out on a poignant comment so I will explain.

    Miracle Whip: a white mayo like sandwich spread. It is tangy. In fact their motto is ....the tangy zip of Miracle Whip. Buuuutttt I do like your idea of a kid whooper. haha

    Wheatberry bread: artisan bread with whole wheat, oats and sunflower seeds baked in. Very yummy and filling.

    Quart=4 cups. what is a punnet?

    Mom=Mum=Mommy=Momma=Mother :o)

    UJ: well I love to make it for you

    Leslee: Yes we must have a Chicken Salad Throw Down. UJ would be so proud! I actually got to say that for real! After I WIN we can have a picnic. haha!!

  6. That actually sounds really good! :) I have to try some of that fruity chicky salad!


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