Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spring Forward Came Back and Hit Me in the Bootie

I hate springing forward. It always kicks my bootie for the first few days and/or weeks.

This was especially hard because I had a 4am wake up call this morning to serve breakfast to the soldiers at Camp Gruber.

I kicked myself out of bed and made it to the restaurant by 455am just in time to jump in the truck and go. My dad, Art was there patting his foot and looking at his watch laughing. They all thought I forgot to set my clock forward.

We arrived and had everything ready at 530am and I had a feeling this group of soldiers was NOT going to make it to such an early chow time on "going home day". I was right. My first clue was all the beer bottles laying around the chow hall. There were some groups that came on in and ate, but for the most part we had dribbles of soldiers all morning. We are only obligated to stay one hour so we packed some to-go boxes for any sleepy heads and got back home.

I fell asleep on the couch and when CassiJo got up she helped herself to the left over biscuit and sausage I brought home for her and CarlyJo. THat kept her quiet while I snoozed a bit until time to go to church.

Now I am very sleepy and ready go to bed early. I want to talk UJ into heading there with me but I doubt I will be able to compete with Hell's Kitchen Marathon on Fox Reality TV channel. He is newly addicted to Gordon Ramsay's shows.


  1. That Joe fella must be an idjut.

  2. let's not forget the 12 hours of CSI in a row we watch most nights.

  3. I beg your pardon. We only watch one on SOME nights and rarely more than that. I can't stay awake that long after the girls go to bed.

  4. Oh please.
    I beg your pardon. I never promised you a rose garden.
    you love that Gil Grissom character.
    I just checked dvr history.
    412 hours of CSI have been recorded AND watched.
    I could type smart-aleck comments on this alllll dayyy long.
    That's what I do.
    It's who I am.

  5. I hate springing forward too. I wish "they" would just let us be and stop messing with the clock. It takes me 6 months to adjust, just in time to fall back, which is a rather easy adjustment for me to make.

  6. 'springing foward'....i've never heard of that before. we call it daylight savings.

    i love it. when we don't have it i get up for work in the dark and its dark by the time i get home.

    how come you don't like it????
    (the timing of the boot camp breakfast wasn't that flash, but overall its good don't you think)

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  8. UJ: Just because it was recorded doesn't mean I watched it. I deleted a bunch of them. I will admit to a CSI binge last month. Please help me.

    Groovy Mom: yea.

    P-This: Well I just renamed Daylight Savings Time Spring Forward. It helps me remember which way to turn the clocks. Spring: forward, Fall: back
    See?? I love it after I get used to it. I just hated the thought of losing that hour! I was so tired Saturday night but just couldn't go to sleep and then that early wake up call.....I'll survive. Besides, it gives me more time to watch CSI new-to-me-runs. ;o)

  9. Gordon Ramsey / Hell's Kitchen was my naughty secret pleasure for one season.

    Do you know that the Home Shopping Network sells his cookware??? If I bought it, I would expect a book of insults to come with it. Each pot or pan should have some saying on it, like "You call this FOOD? It's SH*T!"

  10. you know Saur, it used to be my secret too.

  11. we don't use the word fall for autumn, and 'autumn back' lacks flair and the metaphorical asscociation.

    why is everything so hard?

  12. I hate that clock change. I don't understand it and I never will. It's just not how I roll

  13. Daylight Savings Time should be outlawed. Changing time just ain't natural. I think it might me a sin.

    So.... you've got a crush on Gil Grossom??
    Me thinks that UJ is a tad bit jealous.

    There's a show that I've watched with Courtney a few times about a guy who helps people save their failing restaurants. It is set in England, but I don't remember what it's called. The guy cusses a lot.

    I'm addicted to Lost.


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