Friday, March 14, 2008


Today I took Carly and part of her herd of giggling girl friends to the movies. You have seen the movie window? A large plexiglass window with a hole to push your money through.....

WHY? pray tell me, do grown people LEAN DOWN to talk through the hole?? The clerks can hear you perfectly without directing your whole head to speak through the hole. It was quite a sight to see a grown man hunched over talking through the hole.

On a different note: I talked to THE STANKIEST MAN IN THE WORLD today. He came in to the medical clinic and addressed me with the stinkiest breath I have ever smelled. (It smelled like dirty hiney mixed with onioney morning breath with a hint of B.O.) It was early in the day so you know he went to bed stinking. He must have a serious case of olfactory fatigue because he smelled so bad I had to hold my breath to keep from retching right there in front of him. He also had his hands wrapped around my desk and all I could see was his dirty fingernails. They were like the talking stain was all I could see and think about. His dirty hands on my stuff. I made an excuse to back up and hand him his paperwork. When I saw him coming to turn it in I made some copies, turning around away from the olfactory smellification. He was treated and went on his merry way with his medications and we were left to desmellify the office. (after everyone left for lunch)

It is getting ready to storm here and UJ is wanting to watch lightening on the porch. I think I may go check it out. Maybe I can steal a kiss.......


  1. I'm first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah..maybe that guy has a rotten diabetic ulcer going on.

    so.yeah why is it everyone wants to take a pull off my codiene cough syrup? that stuff is NASTY

  2. I know it is nasty...I just wanted you to enjoy the effects and calm your cough. Gaaaa!

    Congratulations on being first!

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  4. Okay... "dirty hiney"?

  5. I'm pretty sure I'm a leaner when it comes to those movie ticket booth holes. I admit my wrong and beg thee to forgive me.

    That poor, stinky man. I wonder if the doctor advised him on hygiene. I sure hope so. Maybe the doc should keep toothbrushes and toothpaste to give to well deserving patients like that guy.
    I bet you had NO urge to steal a kiss from that stanky man.

  6. i've never heard of olfactory fatigue before....and i am way impressed, - what a cool concept.

    it is nice that you want to go out and kiss UJ, but timing is everything.
    does wikipedia have a word for a woman who wants a kiss at an inappropriate time,ie, during a lightning storm, near the end of a close football game, when you are reading a good book etc???

  7. Ew. I'm very sensitive to smells. I'm glad I live in the age of shampoo and daily bathing. Imagine what life was like when people thought baths were bad for your health. :-P

  8. Anne: Yes. You can imagine how a dirty hiney could stink it up.

    JamieDawn: NOOOOOOO you are a leaner? OK I'll forgive you since you ARE my next door neighbor.

    Ponder: There is a WRONG time to kiss?? I don't think so. Well maybe if you are engaged in toilet activities, but that's it.

    GruVee: I love smelling good. Imagine how people back then really stunk it up. Good thing for olfactory fatigue!

  9. ....let me get this straight, weren't you going crook at me for being a slack poster!!!

  10. "Dirty hiney" in breath is NEVER a good thing! Ewwwww.... way nasty! Glad you got through that without wretching!

  11. I'm way behind on your blog, I'm not used to you being such a regular poster


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