Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Toothbrush Story

I recently bought a new toothbrush pack for mine and UJ's bathroom. (btw why is it a TOOTH brush when we brush our TEETH?)
I got a pretty purple one for me and a nice green one for Joe. Well the youngest daughter was NOT going to have her daddy have a prettier toothbrush than her so she claimed the green one, leaving Joe to fend for himself, buying one for himself. It was a nice hot pink Coalgate one. Very stylish.
Every morning I brushed my teeth with my nice new and improved toothbrush and sometime later in the day UJ would brush his with his reddish-purple (in his words) one. Every night after a bath I would stand in front of the sink to dry Cassi's hair and we would chat.
Sometimes our hairdryer would get dusty and need to be cleaned off.
Cassi grabbed a toothbrush nearby that was not in the proper toothbrush holder. "Whose toothbrush is this?" I asked. "No ones." she replies as we proceed to brush off all the dust that collected on the sucky part of the hair dryer. The toothbrush is visibly dirty and we put it in the drawer to be used again in the future. You never know when you will need a cleaning brush.
Little did I know that CarlyJo ALSO had a need for a small brush with which to clean with.
UJ to Carly after missing his tb for a day or two: "Have you seen my toothbrush?"
Carly: "It it kinda reddish?"
UJ: "Yes it is."
Carly" I think that is the one I used to clean the toilet stool."
Hopefully it was AFTER we dirtied it cleaning the hairdryer.
Poor UJ he has Tidy Bowl breath now.


  1. i sympathise with UJ.

    a man is likely to have 1/200th of the amount of stuff in a bathroom that a woman has, yet you all have to use OUR stuff.'s distressing.

  2. she is just a little girl PT. GAAAA! She couldn't have Dad have something prettier than her! :o)

    We (women)have a lot of stuff so we can stay smelling nice, feeling soft, hair free and colorful. (deodorant, perfume, lotion, razors, make up and fingernail polish) I personally have a lot of stuff becuase I have daughters and we get lots of girly toiletry gifts and they stack up.


    ALl UJ lays claim to is: hairbrush that he has had since he was a teen. it has a cracked handle from where he got mad when he realized he was losing his hair and either hit something with it or hucked it across the room.

    2.some cologne that he rarely wears because it makes his nose itch (but drives me crazy is smells so good!),

    3.Dry Idea deodorant

    4.his spiffy new toothbrush that we bought last night.

    If he is smart he will hide that toothbrush. haha

    What do you lay claim to in your bathroom??

  3. PT is not talking about the pretty toothbrush. He's talking about the fact that you HAD to use MY toothbrush. Since it was MINE, it was foreign to YOU. YOU had never paid it notice.

  4. UJ: I was an innocent bystander. The girl did all the toothbrush adulteration!! NOOOOTTT MEEEEE.
    You should spank her.

  5. Ewwwww. Sorry about that UJ.


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