Saturday, March 01, 2008

I Can Afford FREE!!

Thursday night since Carly was in Texas (see below) I decided that Cassi and I should have a Mommy Date night.

I got a gift certificate from my brother for my B-day to Chili's so we went there and had fun. Cassi even took her reading book in and finished her reading homework! What a kid!!We left in time to dash over to Sally's Beauty supply for some girl-supplies ie: nail polish! and get to a movie just in time.

We wanted to see Hannah Montana in 3-D but there was only one showing per night at the local theater and it started at 5pm! Yikes! I didn't find that out til 5:05 when I looked up the showing times online. Cassi was a little sad but was quickly convinced to go see something else. I wanted to see Spiderwick Chronicles, but she said it was too scary for her. I wasn't willing to gamble on it and have to leave the movie or have nightmares so we settled on:

I wasn't thrilled to go see a Christmas movie in February, but it turned out to be a really cute show.(Plus I had a gift certificate for movie tickets, so again FREE won me over!) Did you know the Chipmunks are 50 years old??!! I remember watching them when I was little, and who hasn't heard the Christmas album??

We had a great night and I came home with money (60 whole cents) in my pocket and a happy (but tired) little girl.

I heard from Carly several times during the evening and she was on top of the world seeing her three fave young men in the whole wide world:


One of the gal pals from her herd of friends invited her to go to Texas to see the J-Bro's in concert! How lucky is she?? They stayed at the Embassy Suites and had a ball! They skipped school two days and got to do a little bit of shopping. I am a tad jealous! haha!! (no scolding us for letting her skip school for this! we picked up homework and believe you me, she will pay for it! she says it is worth it though. we'll see......)

Soooooo, a FREE FUN night for me and Cassi and a bucket-o-fun for Carly! (Uncle Joe just stayed at home and enjoyed the peace and quiet and relished not having to fight for the remote.)

I had an early rise to serve the soldiers breakfast, so I am off to have a snooze before supper. ;o)

Have a great weekend! I hope your Saturday weather is as nice as ours! It is sunny, but windy and beautiful. Maybe I will go have a nap in the swing outside.


  1. You won't get any scolding from me since I believe real life is very educational. I get a little miffed at how much control over our lives school has.

    Sounds like you had a grand time. I want to see Spiderwick Chronicles too!

  2. No scolding from me either! That's what we call unschooling.

    FUN!! FUN!! FUN!!!

  3. yo' sho' is a cheep date.

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