Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Failure Schmailure

Did you know that Babe Ruth, the man who hit the most homeruns in baseball was also the man who had the most strike outs?? People remember his success, not his failure. Where would he be if he didn't strike out all those times?

Kinda makes a strike out seem not so bad doesn't it?

Keep swinging!


  1. I didn't know that! Great to think about.

  2. this is very interesting. i know very little of babe ruth....
    baseball is as popular here as cricket is there, so i'm not so sure as to what sort of regard the average yank holds him in.

    notwithstanding, i would like to see how he would get treated in present day society. sadly (& i mean REALLY sadly)our world is so much more focused on cynicism, fault, blame, scandal etc than it is about pride, achievement, inspiration, love, etc

    your post the other day on britney kind of typifies this i think.

    maybe babe ruth lived in a better era than us. regrettably, i reckon these days, the strike-out thing would run a high profile. he would be categorised in terms of consistency, reliability etc

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  4. I wish people would stop focusing on my flaws. They love to hate me


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