Sunday, March 02, 2008

More Free Stuff!

Dear Friends,

I will be making all my masters Bloggy Friends your choice of a scarf, cup cozy, or a lap blanket from all the hair I shed . The Lady Who Lives Here vaccuums it all up every couple of days and has been weaving it into yarn. Believe me there will be enough hair for all y'all, so place your orders now!



  1. what!!! you are allowed inside.

    my mongrel owner won't let me in the house except on rare occasions, and then, if i get off my mat, i get my ass kicked.
    cheers, nudge.

  2. sooo would you like a cup cozy or a scarf?? ;o)

    oh. and she also gets to sleep ON the bed. sometimes between me and hubby. i don't mind that so much, except when she wants to give me kisses on the mouth in the middle of the night. (usually means she needs to go out and tinkle)

  3. I already have enough dog hair in my cup, but thanks.

  4. gives me a rash just thinking about it.

  5. that's me kissing you.
    for pete's sake.

  6. mittens, please.
    No doggy kisses, thank you.


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