Monday, February 11, 2008

Stop the madness!

I have to put my two cents worth in on this subject: Britney Spears.

I haven't really kept up with her since the office's subscription to People Magazine expired some time back. I hear little bits and pieces on what little news I watch and see her face on the tabloids while waiting in line at Walmart or the grocery store, so all this may be off the mark, but it is after all MY opinion. :o)

I really feel sorry for this young woman. Her life is splattered all over every entertainment magazine for the whole world to inspect and critique.

Yes she has made some terrible judgements and has outlandish behaviour, but WHY ARE WE PAYING MONEY TO SEE IT? That is what I don't understand. Let the girl to to Starbux for pete's sake! What is the big deal about following her around 24/7?

When will we stop buying these magazines that exploit her silly antics?

When we stop making pictures of her worth thousands of dollars, maybe she can settle down and get the help she desperately needs!

She is on a dangerous road here and I really do fear for her life. She may bring some of this on herself for all I know, but the photographers that are swarming her car and following her all over creation are creating a dangerous situation. Soon I fear that her name will be said in the same sentence as Princess Di's for the same reason. We hounded her to death. Why?Because we are revelling in someone else's pain and misery. It is just shameful.

Shame on us.


  1. i feel sorry for her too.

    i don't have any intrest in her whatsoever, yet the whole thing is inescapable.

    there's a fallacy that the media report on the world. i think that's crap, - they set the agenda, - they whip up their own sensations.

    but, do you think there are really that many people who are buying the trash mags because of the britney stories.....i'd be surprised if there are.

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  3. The world is in its handbasket, taking that wild ride.

  4. Your opinion is my opinion.

  5. I agree. It is sad and shameful. It's like an entire country stoning a woman slowly to death.

  6. You are so right, AJ. People say her life is a train wreck and the snaparazzi is chronicling the whole debacle but in the same token, people keep buying those tabloids.

    People should not be under fish tank scrutiny. It's going to be her death.

    Good post, AJ.

  7. I agree! I'm quite sick of the media and try my best not to give them my money or ratings.

  8. Good observation. Your two cents is valuable.
    I can't imagine life with no privacy. Britney can't go anywhere at any time without being photographed and videoed. I do believe she DID bring much of this on herself, but I agree with you that her life is in danger. She is totally out of whack and needs to be left alone to deal with all of this. She sought fame and she got it. It's her boys that I feel the most sorry for.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you, your hubby, and your girls!!!!!
    Share the LOVE!!!!


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