Sunday, February 10, 2008

One is NOT the Lonliest Number

Our Sunday School teacher gave us this list some time ago. She has taught us that numbers and names mean a lot in the Bible. Today I want to share the number list with you.

Let me preface this by saying I don't know where the list came from, but in our studies so far, I have found it to be spot on.

one- unity

two- union, division, witnessing

three- resurrection divine completeness and perfection

four- creation world

five- grace or God's goodness

six- weakness of man, evils of Satan, manifestation of sin

seven- completeness, spiritual, perfection

eight- new birth, new creation or new beginning

nine- fruit of Spirit, divine completeness from the Lord

ten- testimony, law and responsibility

eleven- judgment and disorder

twelve- governmental perfection

thirteen- depravity and rebellion

fourteen- deliverance or salvation

fifteen- rest

sixteen- love

seventeen- victory

eighteen- bondage

nineteen- faith

twenty- redemption

twenty one- exceeding sinfulness of sin

twenty two- light

twenty three- death

twenty four- the priesthood

twenty five- the forgiveness of sin

twenty six- he gospel of christ

twenty seven- preaching of the gospel

twenty eight- eternal live

twenty nine- departure

thirty- the blood of Christ, dedication

thirty one- offspring

thirty two- covenant

thirty three- promise

thirty four- naming of a son

thirty five- hope

thirty six- enemy

thirty seven- the Word of God

thirty eight- slavery

thirty nine- disease

forty- trials, probaiton and testing

forty two- Israels oppression and the Lord's Advent

forty five- preservation

fifty- Holy Spirit

sixty- pride

sixty six- idol worship

seventy- universality, Israel and her restoration

one hundred- God's election of Grace, children of promise

one hundred nineteen- resurrection day, Lord's Day

one hundred twenty- divine period of probation

one hundred forty four- the Spirit guided life

one hundred fifty three- fruit bearing

two hundred- insufficiency

six hundred- warfare

six hundred sixty six- number of the beast or anti christ

eight hundred eighty eight- the first resurrection

one thousand- divine completeness and the glory

Here are two easy illustrations: David slew Goliath with 5 smooth stones.

5= God's goodess and grace. The world was created in 7 days by God. 7= completeness and spiritual perfection.

The next time you are involved in a Bible study or sermon, remember these and prove them. I would love to hear of your illustrations!


  1. holy mother.....

    occasionally i live in thirty five of practising to make a thirty one, but the reality is that i'm being held in virtual thirty eight, and there is no time to fifteen from all my household chores, otherwise it's twenty three for me.

    .....that the sort of thing you're looking for???


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