Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy VD

Today is Valentines day. I don't have the money to buy Uncle Joe this cool guitar, so I will just give him the picture to look at. A picture is worth a thousand words right?? I wish it was worth a thousand dollars then I could get it for him. He needs another guitar. Pretty soon our garage will be a studio and he can hang them on the walls like Ted. :o)

I am sick with fever and all the respiratory stuff everyone else has had. I managed to go this far without getting sick, and one day at the front desk at work put me right in the line of actually it was coughing and snotting and breathing down on me with germy breath. Carly is feeling much better I am happy to report. She missed three days of school this week.

I am very sad I can't get any Valentine kisses from UJ. I don't want him to get sick with this so I will stay away from him. (*too bad for him! ;o) heehee

Anyway I am feeling glassy eyed now so I will go dose up with Tylenol and go lie down some more.


  1. it valentines day.....oops!

    i thought you must have had a fever (or been smokin crack)...benny hinn.

  2. Whoa! Put on that surgical mask when you're at the front desk...
    I'm getting over my 2nd cold in two months. What is it about this winter?! The hospital beds have been FULL!
    I didn't know Ted was hanging on your garage wall. I hope you feed him once in a while.
    (Feel better, AJ!)

  3. Zicam get swabs. Seriously. They work.

    Sorry you got sick!


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