Saturday, January 12, 2008

Scrub a Dub Dub

I went to the mall at Christmas-time and used a great hand scrub that made my hands soft for 2 days! I wasn't about to pay $40 for a tub of it, so I started googling and found a homemade recipe that I modified to suit my olfactory likes and would like to share it with you.

~SuSu's Salty Scrub~

3 cups Sea Salt (I used Hain, pictured below)

1 cup of oil (I used a combination of the following oils)

~Play with the combination and use your favorites~
2 ounces sweet almond oil
2 ounces vitamin E oil
2 ounces olive oil
2 ounces avacado oil

tea tree oil (just a drop or two)
oil scent of your liking (I used honey almond YUM!)

Stir together and store in an airtight container.

Note: I also tried a blend of epsom salt and sea salt. It was not as abrasive as sea salt alone. I think I like Sea Salt alone, but if you have sensitive skin, epsom salt may be for you.

Use about 1 1/2 teaspoon full and rub all over your dry hands. Rinse with warm water and pat your hands dry. Do not wash. Allow the oil to soak in your hands. This can be used all over your body except your face.


  1. Sounds great! Have you used it yet?

  2. When you say, "Do not wash," for how long are we to remain dirty? I like to wash every day, but if using this fab salty scrub requires me to become a grungy gal, then I will have to refrain.
    This sounds terrific!! I LOVE the smell of almond. I use Jergen's original scent lotion because of the almond cherry scent. Your scrub would be a perfect partner to my Jergen's.
    Thanks for sharing your beauty recipe!!

  3. could you whip me up a brew to remove the warts i have all over my feet??

  4. Groovy Mom: Yes I use it all time, 'bout every 2 days or so. I use it on the girls hands and feet too. Cassidy likes helping me make it.

    JD: Haha!! Just refrain from washing til the next meal or after the next potty break. It DOES smell yummy

    PT: You know it might actually help since is sloughs off that dead skin. Hmmmm you may be on to something here. :o)

  5. I hate to be so covert here, but you realize I have a bday coming up right? Would auntie jo make some for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????whinewhine

  6. Doozie, have you been a good girl this year. Oh. Wait that is Santa's question.

    Of course I would make you some!

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  9. Or you could just go to the mall every day.

  10. I have never seen so many comments deleted in one place...
    p.s. I like Jenn's suggestion.

  11. That was me. I was mad.

  12. i don't like how my armpits are looking, -is there a susu's 'armpit re-juvenator?'

  13. THANK you for sharing this. I have to scrub the backs of my arms. I so dislike having rough skin on my triceps. Not that you needed to know that, but I'm SO stealing this recipe. :)

  14. who sits around looking at their armpits??????

  15. Hal-le freakin'-luyeah!
    It scrubbed off the old dry skin of my nogging and now new sprouts of Indian Black hair are growin'

    I look good. like I did in the 6th grade.


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