Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fabuloso Food and Pharmacy Miracles

This is what I had for dinner. Uncle Joe and I went out for a nice adults only dinner with ourselves. I think that is called a "date". We don't get to do it too much these days, so the idea was kind of foggy.

We went to a local Italian ristorante called Johnny V's. Their food is very good, very affordable and very plentiful. When your meal comes your eyes grow to the size of saucers...."You expect me to eat all that??!!" Immediately you are envisioning your lunch and supper tomorrow.

I had spaghetti carbonara and it was very tasty. The only carbonara I had eaten to this point was Lean Cuisine, so this was a huge treat. Literally. I ate about 1/4 of the plateful of food. We have enough for all of us to eat again for one meal.

We had wanted to go to a movie too, but our wait at the ristorante was quite long and we would have had to go to the late show. Carlyjo was our babysitter and we didn't want to overdo it our first run with her and CassiJo home alone. :o)

I did however squeeze in a short Walmart run. Our family needs several medications on a monthly basis. Let me just say that Walmart is saving me a boatload of money with their $4 perscription plan. If you take a lot of medications it is worth it to check it out. It is great for me because I can pick the rx's up at my convenience and not have to work around the employee pharmacy at the hospital where our rx's are usually filled. Some of our meds had to be changed because our insurance had made them "nonpreferred" or worse "noncovered". GREAT. Our copay's went up too, so the $4 rx fills are cheaper than my copay. That is just wrong. I try really hard not to complain because our premiums are cheaper than other plans and it has been good for us up to this point. (OK I'll shut up)

Have a great weekendn y'all and in the immortal words of Larry the Cable Guy and GroovyMom: GIT-R-DONE!!


  1. Yum, that picture is making me hungry! My last copay on a prescription was $100. The receipt said, "Your insurance saved you $237.00." That is crazy isn't it? Is it all prescriptions that are covered by the Walmart $4 deal?

  2. mmmmm food.

    I give people medications all day long. I think there are too many pills in this world.


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