Friday, January 18, 2008

Late Night Laughs

Last night, Charlie White Sox Pesednick Joe, our cat got left inside most of the night. I say most of the night because at 3:50am he came to our bedroom meowing.

"Meooow" translated: I need out.
"Meooow" translated: NOW.
"Meow" translated:Grown up lady who lives here, LET ME OUT!

I awoke as did Joe, but since Charlie was on my side of the bed, I picked him up to take him to the door. On my way down the hall, I sleepily looked down and saw a pile of brown. I thought: Great. The cat took a dump on the carpet right outside our bedroom door. Oh well I can't be mad at him because we left him in.... I'll grab a papertowel on my way back and clean that up.

I got said papertowel and was contemplating which cleaner to use and I bent down and picked up a pile of ....tan knee-high panty hose.

I had a good laugh at 3:51am this morning.:o)


  1. that would have been a relief, but be on your guard next time you go to get dressed when you are still half asleep.

  2. Normally when she suspects "a dump" she screams very loudly.
    The cat/dog took a DUMP on MY carpet!!!!!!!!
    yes it is your carpet, so you clean it up....haha

  3. yes, panty hose can be very creepy so having to pick them up would require coverage on the hands, so you were good either way, poop or not

  4. Phew! Close one! I hate poop in the house. Our little Boston Terrier has an accident on rare occasions, and it freaks me out. Fortunately, we have laminate flooring throughout, so cleanup is easy. :-P

  5. Your cat pooped pantyhose?!

  6. LOL! My cat use to play with socks in the middle of the night.


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