Thursday, January 03, 2008

Pandora Radio

My friend, Slick turned me onto this website called Pandora.It is a "radio" station that only plays the type of music you love. Enter an artists name and the program will select only music that is similar. Listening is free, but there are upgrades. You are at the mercy of the program for song selection and you can forward to the next song, but cannot repeat a song. I love it for work days when I get tired of the real radio.

You can find it here:

Go check it out and start making a play list of your favorite musicians.

Here are some of mine/ours: Michael Buble', Carrie Underwood, Suzanne Ciani, Enya, Phil Keaggy, Kutless, and Third Day. What ever mood I am in I can find something I like. As the albums display I learn of new artists I would like to know more about. I think I listen to Michael Buble' Channel the most. I really like some of the older music believe it or not. :o)

Pandora. It makes me happy.


  1. No, It's a Cult!!!!


  2. Pandora is amazing to find new artists. I think they started the whole free to listen music sites.

    I've used (for a cool player for your bloggy)


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