Friday, January 04, 2008

Fourth, a Friday

Wow I am glad it is Friday. For a short week this was a stressful one. We had month-end things to and not a lot of time to do it in. Blah blah blah....we're done.

I bought the new Mercy Me cd last weekend and love it. I have been listening to it in my car on the way to/from work. I need to put it on the ipod so I can really concentrate on the lyrics and sing real loud to annoy and embarrass my family.

The administrators of the clinic I work for got the staff a cappaccino/hot chocolate machine for a belated Christmas gift. Each of them has agreed to buy two cases of mix per quarter so we can have have cappaccino/hot choc all year. Pretty cool huh? We will all be fat and caffinated!

In other news, Shelby The Dog Who Chews Up Everything On Earth ate off the arm and foot of CassiJo's brand new singing Island Princess Barbie. Barbie, now that she is a paraplegic is in physical therapy. We are hoping for a recovery tomorrow when she will be reintegrated into the Barbie population of CassiJo's room.

News from the other side of the house: CarlyJo has decided to take up the saxophone and retire her flute. Over Christmas break she was practicing in her room and Cassi opened the door and said, "Sissy you REALLY need to turn that thing down!" ~ Carly has already learned to play a scale on it, and hopefully it will come easy to her since it is more of what she wanted rather than what I wanted her to do. :o)

Here is something sweet: My friend, Beverly, who got a divorce for Christmas last year has reconciled with her exhusband and expects to remarry some time this year. It makes me misty when she tells me about it. Beverly had a hard childhood and when she had a medical crisis 2 years ago, her personality changed. It is a long story, but after being apart from her husband and dating a string of jerks realized that her ex really did love her and she loved him. All the while she was dating these other men, when they would hurt her she would always go back to Scott for advice. He must have been taking notes on "what NOT to do" because he is a changed man. He has made lots of changes in his attitude, his actions toward her and it has paid off. Maybe it is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe they needed to be friends before they could be lovers again. They needed to see each other in a new light and through different eyes. In any case Beverly gives God the glory for this restoration. She said He spoke to her about it, and I am so glad she heeded His words. Her marriage is recovering, her children will not grow up in a broken home and THIS time SHE gets to propose to Scott. :o) We will have fun planning a small intimate wedding soon. I can't wait.

Have you heard any good news lately? I heard, through the bloggie vine that Someone has a bun in the oven. (A very sweet bun too!) Hmmm, now how are we going to have a Blogger Baby Shower?? We must brainstorm about that.
Is anyone else watching Journeyman on NBC? We are addicted to it here at the House of Joe. Thank goodness for DVR on DirecTV! UJ has it set to automaticaly record all the episodes so we don't even have to think about it.

Well it sounds as if WWIII is about to break out in my living room. I better go try to restore peace to the world.


  1. I didn't know that about Leslee!! How wonderful!

    I was cracking up over the paraplegic Barbie. At least she didn't lose her head.

  2. No time for TV... almost no time for internet/blogging... lots of time for work and grandkids... and just enough time for PR (well, almost).

  3. you've been busy over here and I've been a slacker



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