Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Electric Light Orchestra

Wow we sure paid for the great weather we had this weekend. See Uncle Joes post about it: here

He had gone to Peggs OK, to watch an OU football game with a friend and unbeknownst to them drove straight into a tornadic thunder storm. The storm was so bad they didn't get to watch the game because the weather men were on television the whole time. (they did however have some good snacks!)

Meanwhile back at home, we were watching an electric show. I saw so much lightening here it looked like strobe lights. It was constant for hours. I had never seen it like that. Thankfully there were no damaging thunderstorms here. Poor Cassidy was terrified to go to sleep. She hates thunderstorms. Thankfully she slept through the rest of the light show.

Of course I (and Carly) couldn't sleep knowing our Sweetie Daddy was out in that storm so we were awake until he got home 'bout midnight. I am very tired this morning and don't really feel like being up, but I gotta go bring home some bacon and fry it up in a pan. ........'cause I'm a WOMAN......ENJOLI!!


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