Monday, January 07, 2008

Beware This a LOOOONG (and likely boring) Post

I wasn't really tagged by anyone but Leslee invited anyone who wanted to play to join in, so I did. I don't want to be left out. Apparently the month in which I was born says a lot about me. I agree with Emma that the month I was conceived in says more. I was born exactly 8 months and 2 weeks to the day from when my father walked in the door from basic training in the Army. He jokes and says "The second thing I did was put down my bags."

Any way here goes:

Abstract thoughts. Nope not really
Loves reality and abstract. I know this: I hate reality shows.
Intelligent and clever. I am a little of both despite what people say about me. I may be intelligent, but it is cancelled out by ditzy.
Changing personality. Oh yea. I feel like a chaotic person inside sometimes. I wear lots of different hats for what ever the occasion requires. I like to fit in so I can change to mingle a bit easier
Attractive. Well there must have been something attractive about me at some time in my life because I married the sweetest man I had ever met.
Sexy. I like to call myself "A Closet Naughty" (but I cannot talk makes me laugh)
Temperamental. Who Me?? I feel tempermental, but try to keep it in.
Quiet, shy and humble. If I say I am humble doesn't that mean I am not??
Honest and loyal. I try very hard to be honest. I am a terrible liar so that makes it pretty easy.
Determined to reach goals. I wish I was more determined. I have good intentions but have a hard time seeing things through to the very end.
Loves freedom. At my job I love the freedom I have to do what I think needs to be done, but I also like having guidelines and deadlines.....structure to keep me on task working towards the finish.
Rebellious when restricted. Well come to think of it. Once when Uncle Joe and I first got married we were 'rasslin and he got on top of me and held my wrists down so I couldn't move. I think I turned into a tazmanian devil when I couldn't move. We laugh about it now......
Loves aggressiveness. Exept for when I can't move (see above)
Too sensitive and easilyhurt. Oh yes! It isn't as bad now, but I do get hurt very easily especially by the ones I love. Most times it is perceived.
Gets angry really easily but does not show it. I will refer to the Corn Muffin Incident of 2006. Joe and I had had a "discussion" and I thought we were done. Well I got alone with nothing but my thoughts and they overtook me. When I came back into the room where he was I was mad again and couldn't really say I threw a corn muffin at him. I felt much better after that.
Dislikes unnecessarythings. After having 2 children who love little bitty toys of all sorts I have become a disliker-of-unnecesary things like the 800th pair of Barbie shoes or the 78th Happy Meal get the idea.
Loves making friends but rarely shows it. I love friends and I love making friends. (my old friends are like my favorite quilt) I don't get nearly as many opportunities that I would like to though.
Daring and stubborn. I am my father's daughter......and he is as stubborn as the day is long. I am not daring though. I am very cautious and make calculated moves.
Ambitious. Not enough. I could stand more in my opinion.....but I am a hard worker.
Realizes dreams and hopes. Not really.....but it is fun to have them any way.
Sharp. I am very curvy and soft.
Loves entertainment and leisure. You have got to be kidding. Of course!! My GNO with Carol two weeks ago was SO great. We leezed and entertained for 26 glorious hours! (next time there will be mani/pedicures and a long soak in a hot tub at her house!)
Romantic on the inside not outside. I have all these grand romantical ideas but feel silly about them now. I am too old to be acting that way! When I was woo'ing Uncle Joe we made each other all kinds of sweet romantic things....letters pictures, activities and services. *sigh* Remember Joe??
Superstitious and ludicrous. Aren't they some rap singers? I can't rap.
Spendthrift. Ask Doozie, Clarence is my best friend. I know where he hides in all my favorite stores. He always has good deals for me.
Tries to learn to show emotions. Well I actually need to learn to show my emotion more constructively and without fear of rejection. They are my feelings and I am entitled to feel them right?

Let me see what the month of Joe's birth says about him in my opinion.

Stubborn and hard-hearted. YES
Strong-willed and highly motivated. YES
Sharpthoughts. YES
Easily angered. YES
Attracts others and loves attention. YES and NO
Deepfeelings. VERY DEEP
Beautiful physically and mentally. Of course! ( I love to watch him in his Batsuit)
Firm Standpoint. YES
Needs no motivation. well.....sometimes.
Easily consoled.
Systematic (left brain). actually no he is right brained
Loves to dream. YES
Strong clairvoyance.
Understanding. He is the one all people go to for advice.
Sickness usually in the ear and neck. Not so much......
Good imagination. The girls used to love him to "tell a story from your mouth" when he put them to bed. His stories are funny!
Good physical. Hellooo....Batman!
Weak breathing. Except when he snores then he can peel the paint off the walls
Loves literature and the arts. I will say yes
Loves traveling. We don't travel near enough but he is up for a good road trip
Dislike being at home. Nooooo....he has gotten used to it by now.
Restless. No he is restFULL
Not having many children. Two is plenty right?
Hardworking. Fast working I hear.....
High spirited. Sometimes
Spendthrift. Except when it comes to shoes and guitars

Here is Carly:
Has a lot of ideas. YES
Difficult to fathom. She is a teenaged girl...duh.
Thinks forward. Especially about the boy that sits in front of her
Uniqueand brilliant. YES!!
Extraordinary ideas. YES
Sharp thinking. hope so
Fine and strong clairvoyance. not important
Can become good doctors.
Dynamic in personality. yes
Secretive. Teenaged girl....yes
Knows how to dig secrets. She is relentless
Always thinking. Aren't we all?
Less talkative but amiable. I think she is very talkative
Brave and generous. We are working on overcoming fear and she is pretty generous with her friends, just not her sister.
Patient. HELLOOOO!!! Teenager!!
Stubborn and hard-hearted. Stubborn yes. Hard hearted? NO
If there is will, there is a way. OK
Determined. Only what SHE wants to do.
Never give up. ditto
Hardly becomes angry unless provoked. Her sister can provoke her with one word.
Loves to be alone. Nope. She is attached to me at the elbow.
Thinks differently from others. Yes. She isn't like her friends in many ways.
Motivates oneself. I would say NO since I have to drag her kicking and screaming to the kitchen to do dishes.
Does not appreciate praises. She has difficulty accepting praise
High-spirited. We used to call her a High Maintenance Chick.
Well-built and tough. She is well built but kinda whiney
Deep love and emotions. Very deep
Romantic. YES
Uncertain in relationships. She is only a teenager. so yes
Homely. No. She is a dark haired beauty!
Hardworking. ummmmm no.
High abilities. yes except for diving. we are still working on that
Trustworthy. ......still working on that one too.
Honest andkeeps secrets. a work in progress
Not able to control emotions. yup
Unpredictable. yup

Lastly Cassidy
Loyal and generous. yes
Sexy. UCK she is 8yrs old!
Active in games andinteractions. She loves to play and play hard!
Impatient and hasty. yes
Ambitious. yes
Influential in organizations.
Fun to be with. You better get your ears rested up first though!
Loves to socialize. She will talk to anybody.
Loves praises. YES
Loves attention. YES and will steal it if you don't offer it willingly
Loves to be loved. who doesn't?
Honest and trustworthy. no. a secret for her is like soda under pressure.....she told UJ what I was getting him for Christmas!
Not pretending. She is a Princess Dancer Singer Mommy Skater Doctor Teacher
Short tempered. Very short
Changingpersonality. She can turn on the charm or turn you off in a heartbeat
Not egotistic.
Take high pride in oneself. I wish she took more pride in herself, but she is a kid and not prissy or conceited. She is who she is and doesn't care what you think.
Hates restrictions. Don't all kids?
Loves to joke. YES
Good sense of humor. As long as she is not the butt of the joke.
Logical. Whatical?

There you have it . If you have made it this far you deserve a prize.
You win a lifetime supply of air. Breathe in for your prize delivery......


  1. Happy New Year!
    That was neat. I laughed out loud at your answer for Sharp..tee hee
    The muffin was funny too.
    LOL at trying to do them for the kids I think that was a hoot.
    Have a wonderful day!
    (=':'=) huggles
    (")_ (")Š from
    the Cool Raggedy one

  2. You were just mad cause the muffin had Spam in it.

  3. that makes me so angry that you think I'm hard hearted....


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