Sunday, April 29, 2007


We made it safely home from our trip about 745pm tonight. Sadly we missed CassiJo's musical at church. I made myself sick on the way home worrying about it, but thankfully, she was not to upset with us. (as a matter of fact, after kissing the car window when we drove up, the first thing she asked about was what we brought her. :o) that's a kid for you!)

We had a really nice relaxing time at the Jazz Fest. The weather was absolutely perfect for sitting outside. Nice and sunshiney with an occassional breeze to cool us off. The area we chose to sit in also had intermittant shade throughout the day so that was nice also, especially for us fair skinned chicks. Uncle Joe has already started working on his farmers tan so he just got a bit more tanned on his baldy cranium, thanks to the sunscreen he slathered on.

Our friends, Terry and Sharon from Benbrook came down midday and enjoyed all the music with us. They came down last year also and we all looked forward to being together again. (Terry and Uncle Joe went to school together)

We listened to Nawlins Gumbo Kings, Rosana Eckert and annagrey among others. They were all good and each brought a different flavor of music to the festival. I don't thinkI could pick a favorite if you asked me to, so don't. haha Terry enjoyed Rosana Ecker so much he asked for her autograph. He was too shy to go ask for it so Sharon and I accepted the mission and camped out at the musician's gate and obtained the coveted autograph thanks to a kind gate keeper guy named Chip.

When we returned from the mission, Annagrey was onstage and they guys announced "I think we want to stay for a while and hear the next set. " Click on her link and you will see why. She is very beautiful and has a beautiful voice. I was glad we stayed when it was all said and done.

We split up girls/guys and headed home to Terry and Sharon's home, about 45 minutes away. Sharon and I were on the highway and ran into a traffic jam and ended up taking a long short-cut home.....seems everyone and their Aunt Mildred had the same idea we did. We did have an interesting sight on the way home though: a motorcycle rider passed us, turned to look over his shoulder as if he was expecting some friends, then put his bootie in the air, his right knee on the seat of the cycle and proceeded to ride the longest wheelie i have ever seen! I think he saw how hawt we were and was showing off for us. I tried to grab my camera phone to get a shot but it was too dusky. It really was a spectacular wheelie.....

Sharon and I also talked about a trip back to Texas this summer with the girls in tow. She thought of several activities we could do, all with in minutes of their home. The US Mint, The Fort Worth Zoo and Six Flags Over Texas, Texas Ranger baseball and huge malls! :o)

We had a great late dinner at Olive Garden and had a good time messing with the young waiter. When he came to talk to us his voice went down at least one octave and Terry teased him unmercifully. We gave him a nice tip to make up for it. :o)

By the time we got home, we were tuckered out from the sun and the good food we had in our tummies, but managed to stay up and laugh some more. I got the best seat in the house : a recliner with a massage pad in it. (i sat in it for about 40 minutes and was all nice and relaxed for bed.)

It was a great weekend and great company. The closer I got to home the more I wanted to see our girls. They were very happy to see us and had a great time with Nana and Papa. Carly got to make some money while we were gone, and you can imagine how happy that makes a tweenager! Cassi and Nana had fun at chior and a full day of church today. I know Nana and Papa really enjoy having them around, but I am sure they enjoy it when they go home too. :o) haha

P.S. Highball! Is a railroader's term, and I will have to get a recap on what it actually means from Terry as I (in true form) don't remember. :o)


  1. Highball? As in a drink glass? I don't know WHY I would know that...

    Sounds like you had a blast. How fun?! It's good to get out with friends.

  2. I'm glad to hear you had such a wonderful time.
    Sunshine, music, food, friends... that's gooood!
    You even got a guy to do a wheelie for you.
    I am impressed by your hawtness.

  3. sounds great, sooooo nice for you to get away and have stuff and stuff

  4. Glad you're home safe and sound. Sounds like ya'll had a blast!


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