Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mow is Me

Whew! Uncle Joe started mowing the lawn while I was working at the office today and I finished it up when I got home. The mower only bogged down 88 times. Way better than I expected. You see, it has been raining a lot here and our yard seems to hold water longer than most.....and the yard grew quite a bit.

The most terrible thing happened too. I'll make a long, sad story short: Baby bird fell out of nest. Move trampoline to mow. Screeching AJ. Poor baby bird!


  1. Jo, thank you for your kindness.

    We're okay (or as much as we can be). Carol went through a long siege of pain and, while we're sad, we're also grateful to God that it's over.



  2. so you ran over a baby bird? You meanie! just kidding.

    I'm glad for you the mower only bogged down 88 times as apposed to 90 times because anything over 90 is just too much

  3. Sorry about your mowing woes. It's amazing how big the yard gets at times. But, look at the bright side; you got to spend some time outdoors in the fresh air. Well, unless the mower was giving off a lot of gas fumes...

  4. Granny :o)

    Badoozie: the moving of the Giant Tramp was the mechanism of injury. I plead no contest to involuntary bird-slaughter. What will my sentence be??

    Seeker: I was totally and wonderfully exhausted yesterday. I love days like that....when you fall into bed and collapse after a job well done.

    Actually the grass was only high in spots and wasn't too bad. It just isn't therapy any more now that it takes hours to mow. It's work! But I still like it.....

  5. Oh. Poor little birdy and poor Aunt Jo.

  6. Maybe it was really 87 times and you miscounted, perhaps. I distinctly thought I saw Uncle Joe say it was 87 times.

    God rest birdy.


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