Friday, April 27, 2007

All that, and Jazz

This is what we will be listening to ALL DAY tomorrow here in Denton. I can't wait for a day in the sun with some good music, a good book, good food and great company.

We arrived in Denton mid afternoon and after we got settled in the hotel we ventured out for some great Thai food at Siam House. This is the second time we have visited this great place. It is decorated very eclectically and the service is very personal. The owner is the host and server and came to our table several times to visit and ask questions. He did do something very odd though. He use the word "aye" alot. It seemed funny to me and I smiled when he said it. It just didn't fit his persona. I had the Pad favorite dish. I just can't get away from it. Maybe if we had the opportunity to have it more I would venture out a bit. UJ had some kind of curry chicken dish and it was pretty good too. (but not too filling as we had to stop @ Krystal for a small bag-o-burgers on the way home after some shopping)

We also got to do a little shopping in the huge malls surrounding our hotel. One mall was really horrible for us and didn't really have any stores we enjoyed except Barnes & Noble. Couldn't you just stay there all day looking at those books?? I overheard some employees talking:
Man: "Do you know where my list is?"
Woman: "You probably laid it down on some books. I do that all the time....leave something to look at an interesting new book."
They sounded like 'perfect' book store employees don't you think??
There is lots of traffic here and I think my driving may have made Uncle Joe a tiny bit nervous. I don't know why. ;o)
Ok I am off to enjoy a long hot bath and some cable tv, and what ever else comes up.
Good night to all near and far........


  1. You are making me HUNGRY.

    I like to play it safe too. I always order the chicken fried rice. Sounds boring, but I love it.

    Sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. All That I need to go listen to my Chicago soundtrack again!

    Hope you all have a fun safe time!!


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