Friday, March 09, 2007

Answered prayers and deceptions

Wow what a week!! We have been in prayer for UJ's disability benefits (or lack there of I should say) since the onset of his diagnosis in July 2004. We had a final hearing to determine his eligibility (after being denied 3 times) yesterday in Tulsa. I had been praying and asking everyone I knew to pray too. God had it all under control and proved it by a decision being reached before we even walked into the room. The decision was in our favor and he only had to iron out a few little minor details. We now have to wait (more waiting!) for the back log of applications and we should receive benefits in a few months.

Can I just say ........Whew!!


This has lifted a huge burden from our family and you could see the relief in Joe's face yesterday as we chowed down on a celebratory Thai Chef lunch then went to Starbux for some latte's (Courtesy of Badoozie's boobah gift card....Thanks Doozie!)

Oh one more thing. Don't go to Garden Ridge looking for seeds or plants of any kind. The name of the store is very deceptive. They only deal in FAKE FLOWERS AND PLANTS. We left empty handed after much anticipation about even going.

OK I am off to Lowes for some REAL plants. :o)


  1. I had no idea that Garden Ridge didn't have real plants! We don't have one of those here, but we do have Lowes and I know they have real stuff!

    I'm glad that UJ's got his $$. Maybe now ya'll can get a computer and he can get back to blogging!

  2. So, that hearing means you are getting all the back pay, too? If he is disabled now, would that mean he was disabled then?

  3. PS. Tell Uncle Joe spammers are killing his comments..real spammers, not the can kind.

  4. What a relief!
    He should have received it on his first application but I am glad that is finally done. Yay!
    Real flowers are the only way to go.
    I am glad you finally posted I kept checking on you and all I got was snog snog snog...tee hee
    Have a wonderful day!
    (=':'=) hugs
    (")_ (")Š from
    the Cool Raggedy one

  5. PTL for answered prayer.
    Will we EVER see real plants growing here (up north) again? Sheesh, it's been a long, cold winter.

  6. Leslee: no money in hand yet, but at least the hard part is over...getting them to agree that he is disabled.

    Emma: yes he will get back pay, but i don't remember how many months they will go back now. years ago, they went back to day one of disability and people got huge checks, but i think they changed it to go back only "x" months but i don't remember how many. we are just grateful to go forward!! It will be several months before we see the "big" money, but the monthly checks will start sooner.

    Evil spammers. They are even in our email now. Grrrr

    Raggedy: Thanks for checking in on me. I just haven't felt much like blogging lately and it is really hard to do it from work. :o)

    Seeker: I wonder about down here too. My dining room window is full of little pots sprouting seedlings. I hope he didn't do it too early!!

  7. see what happens when you don't blog? i'm late to the party!! next time warn me, so I look like a decent friend

    congrats on your blessing!!

  8. Hallelujah!!!
    I'm so glad it all worked out well for your family.
    That's an awful long time to be waiting for good news in this situation.

    We received a religious scam letter from St. Matthew's Churches, Tulsa, OK. I took photos of the contents and may do a post about it this week.
    What a load of bullcrap their letter is.
    It made me chuckle and get angry at the same time. My kids and hubby were amused by the letter, and so was I, but I kept thinking about old people who fall for these scams and send their last dollars thinking that if they don't, they'll miss out on a blessing from God.

    Speaking of plants...
    I just got some from Lowe's too!! I got little ones to place here and there around the house.

    Enjoy your REAL plants!


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