Sunday, March 11, 2007


I am determined to make a post today. About what I have no idea.

I totally failed the "Spring Forward" last night. I let Cassidy stay up and watch a movie with Uncle Joe while I worked on the computer til 10:30pm. Once I realized what was going to happen the next morning when we were done sprung, I hurried her into the shower to wash off the day's fun. ie: dirt on her piggies, knees, elbows and nose. In the interest of brevity, I jumped in with her and got the job done and got her in bed lickety split.

Well it just wasn't enough sleep for her because she was just too tired to get up for church. I was nice and left her in her wad of blankets, snoozing away, hoping she would get enough rest while I went to church.

Carly went back to Snoozeville too, even though I crawled in bed and tickled her awake.

I didn't even TRY to roust Joe up. He is in much need of mega loads of sleep these days. His daytime garden escapades are tiresome.

Our Sunday School class is so awesome. We have the largest class in our church, averaging over 20 ladies a week. Our pastor's wife is the teacher and she is just so great. She is definitely a "Type A" personality and very vibrant and full of energy, and so in love with Jesus and it shows. She is very challenging and is a wonderful teacher. I look forward to every Sunday morning lesson with her.

The girls and I are at Mom and Dad's right now. They were having a Disney channel craving and I needed to check my emails. Hey what happened yesterday with Blogger and Google?? I couldn't comment on any blog or check my gmail. It was very annoying!

Well there you have it, the sum of my etc..........

Have a great week wherever you are.


  1. Hope everyone got enough sleep over there. We're all funky for the time change as well.

  2. Sounds like everyone was having a "sleep" day! It took everything in me to get my happy self up for church this morning, but I managed to do it!

  3. Every child I know doesn't Spring forward well. I wonder when they'll finally do away with the crazy system!

  4. Sleep days are nice.
    Your church group sounds fabulous!
    Blogger can be such a pain. In addition we are having isp problems. grrrrr...
    Have a great week too!
    (=':'=) hugs
    (")_ (")Š from
    the Cool Raggedy one

  5. The time change always makes me upset. I hate that sort of stuff, except I like it being lighter longer, so I'll stop whining


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