Saturday, February 24, 2007

I am feeling rawther snoggy

Here is my newest find. Rimmel Lip Gloss in the shade called Snog. It is so pretty on and smells good and I put it on all day. By the end of the day my lips are nice and smooth and very kissable. *hint: Uncle Joe come check them out!*

Someone tried to trick me on the phone recently. She called and said, "What's your address?" I knew who it was. Leslee. :o) She and her family sent me flowers for my boobah. I also got a nice gobholey surprise in the mail: a starbux cup, starbux gift card and a nice vanilly candle.

We are outta here for some boobah lunch with the girls.........and then to Mom and Dad's for a Dual Boobah Dinner with my family. My baby brother's b-day was yesterday and mine is today so we have always shared our celebration(s). Menu: Coconut shrimp, pasta salad and Chocolate Delight. MMMMMMMMMM


  1. Hey, you fergot to warn me you were getting older. Now I went and missed yer boobah. Durn.
    Well, have a happy, happy one. That's one bodacious menu. Enjoy!

  2. i love rimmel lipgloss, but can't find my color in this town!

    happy birthday to you!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!
    Enjoy each and every calorie.

    Don't be smooching with your man until he is over his crud. I hope he and Cassi are feeling better.

    Have a super dooooper DAY!

  4. Seeker: oops!

    Badoozie: what is your color and i will be on the look out for you.

    Jamie: i will savor all the calories and i am planning on pinning Joe down later. i think he is feeling much better.

    So far my day has been pretty super. Went to Applebee's for lunch and then to the mall to get a spiffy new Razr phone. Pink nonetheless. Carly is so excited. Amazing how a phone can make or break your "cool factor" with teens. I am giving T-Mobile a try on cell service. I am cancelling the old hillbilly service. I plan on putting the old phone under my car tires and running over it several times and sending the debris to the cellular server. I went into the store in town to cancel the service. I waited VERY VERY patiently while the ONE employee helped to ninnies buy three phones. When I told her my plight, she told me they were doing away with the digital phone towers and I would have to upgrade and sign a new contract for better service. I bit my tongue and refrained from rolling my eyes or her head and walked out and straight to T-mobile. I hope that Catherine Zeta Jones doesn't let me down. If she does, I may have to hunt her down and pull her hair. :o)

  5. whoopee! T-mobile, we can talk to each other any time without burning up minutes. (if you have that plan..)

    and now all three of us have hot pink razr phones. What are the odds of that?

    I really hope you have the best birthday EVER!! (insert best Sponge Bob voice here)

    Happy Birthday, Aunt Jo!!

  6. Happy Birthday!

    Have a delicious dinner, and suck up some chocolate delight for me.

  7. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you....happy biiiiiiiirrrrtthdaaaaaaaay dear Aunt Jooooooooooooooo. Happy birthday to yooooooouuuuuuuuuu!

  8. Coconut Shrimp? YUM YUM! ~ jb///

  9. Are you the official coiner of the term "boobah?" Will I find your name in the boobah entry in wikipedia?

  10. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear AJ
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday to you baby brother!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Your menu sounds yummy yummy!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs and Love,

  12. tosse and "r" up there and fixes.
    Happy Birthday to YOUR baby brother!

  13. I just had to make sure the flowers went to the right place! I would be heartbroken if I had sent them somewhere you were not at and some other AJ was enjoying the flowers.

    Oh, ps, I watched Gone With the Wind today if I seem a little dramatic...

  14. tosses and s up there on
    "tosses an "r"!"
    I am suffering form typonitus resulting in typonese comments.

  15. all these comments are reminding me of the time when that guy let you borrow his harley and you laid it down, but we got spray paint and fixed it, he was such a stoner he never even noticed...that was cool

  16. my rimmel flavor is raisen

  17. You mean you are STILL feeling snoggy?


    I hope to read another post here soon because I'm all snogged out.

    I surely do miss reading UJ's blog. I hope he posts again soon.

  18. Anything new going on?


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