Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Do you know Susie like I know Susie?

I was so worried about The Gobhole Girl coming to my home. I was afraid that we would pick up this creature at the airport that had a little cloud over her head. I was so pleasantly surprised. What came out of the terminal was a brightly colored gal with a bright smile and a boy in tow.

Here are some tips and observations should The Gobhole Girl ever decide to visit you.

1. she is not a morning person. do not speak until spoken to, usually after a few slurps of coffee.

2. she loves coffee in copious amounts. keep lots on hand. buy a starbux franchise.

3. she needs her lip gloss/stick available to her at all times and applies it frequently.

4. she does spill things often. have papertowels or other absorbant material on hand.

5. her hair is fabulous, don't be jealous.

6. her feet stink. i did not smell them but she told me she could. i just trusted her on this one. (mine however did not as i sprayed them with deo! haha)

7. she is prepared for any toiletry emergency. she has anything and everything you could possibly need or ever want in the way of toiletries. (Granny you will be happy to know we kiped all the samples we could for you!)

8. she eats like a bird. we finally figured out we should share meals and she still only ate half. there must be tons of take out boxes at their house.

9. we noticed a lot of the same things. the only difference was that she said it out loud. we saw several sights and looked at each other and laughed because we knew what we were thinking. (eg: Shoe Hangage....your feet should NOT overhang any where on your sandals. Your sandals should not make any noises while you walk....we were behind a woman whose sandals were blowing air everytime she walked. )

10. we are both note takers. we both have large amounts of notes from the lessons we had. we could probably reinact the lesson for you should that need arise. (please email me for fees)

11. never assume that anything hanging out of your nose, stuck in your teeth, in your hair or on your clothes will go unnoticed. she will notice and she will tell you. that is the sign of a true friend.

12. she is a very passionate person, especially where she sees injustice.

13. we both drive with our hands at 10 & 2. if you don't know what that means then go back to drivers ed. it is the correct way to do it, and that's all there is to it.

14. she has intestnal problems. let's just leave it at that. you want the truth?? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!

15. she can sniff out a bargain in all retail shop

16. she is a great problem solver

17. her list of things she noticed me will exceed this list by far.

18. she only drinks Pepsi. from bottles in cups of ice.

Let me also warn you that the Gobhole Phenomenon is contagious and totally transferrable.
Since we have been together I have tripped on more things than I ever have in my life.
I have managed to hit my body parts on more stationary objects than ever before. This would include a zillion pound rock and walls of all sorts.
I ran into three displays at the grocery store just yesterday.
We ate supper at Fazoli's Saturday night and while she managed to keep herself clean I left with spaghetti sauce all over me! (including my pants!)
We were nearly run off the road. Our short cut road just ended abruptly for no reason.
We received the worst service in every restaurant we went to, including being over charged. (This is a new thing for me as Joe and I usually receive great service!)

Hopefully the effects of this phenomenon will fade as they travel back to Idaho today. I may bump into a few things today in her honor.

Thank you Gobhole Girl (and Dyl) for coming to our home and sharing a week of our life.


  1. Thanks for the run-down.
    Are you feeling run-down? Time to rest and recuperate...!

  2. Have a wonderful day!
    (=':'=) huge huggles
    (")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

  3. ahhhhh
    thanks AJ, you're the bestest hostess in the world!! thanks for yours and the hubby and kids hospitality and kindness. and for enduring hours and hours of rancid odors, and weird suggestions for things to do that would be funny. i hope all your friends and family that met me will not be charging you for therapy.

    see you soon
    i hope
    in idaho
    from me to you
    in the tulsa airport
    sitting on the floor
    hooked into the only plug in for 10 gates
    don't cry!!

  4. *still pouting*

    I'm glad you guys had so much fun!!! Can't wait to hear more details. Email me if you're afraid to post them all.

  5. Seeker: Yes I am tired but it's a "good tired". I am ready to go back to work so I can rest!

    Raggedy: thanks for huggles, the precusor to snuggles.

    Susie: you are so resourceful. good thing you don't embarrass easily. we had a great time and look forward to our next adventure.

    Leslee: don't pout...we will have our own adventure real soon. :o)

  6. awww sounds like you both had fun. bet you had lots of laughs. :) i'm glad for you both. but jealous as everything.

  7. Mrs Diamond, I know everyone wants to come here and play with us! Y'all just wait your turn! Please sign up via email with your first and second choices of dates. haha :o)

  8. Sounds like you all had an amazing time. Thanks for sharing.
    Take care, Meow

  9. AJ has forgotten the "bad service" time when we were on our Anniversary dinner and were receiving exceptionally bad service and I had to tell the waitress that this is a special night for us and I expected her to give us special treatment the rest of the night or......!!!

  10. I just re-read my Raggedy comment reply. Sorry Rags, but I don't want to snuggle.

  11. AJ, you crack me up! How did I never read your blog before???

    Do you really spray your feet with deoderant??? Seriously?

    Hopefully the Gobhold Phenomenon will fade along with the bruises from your injuries.

    And for future reference, I am SO hiding in your suitcases next time y'all meet!!!!!!

  12. LOL Why NOT? hahahahaha
    It must be the white kitty you want to snuggle with...hehe

  13. AJ, it looks like I'm going to be staying close to home until we know what's going to happen with my FIL.

    My next plan of action is to come down the second weekend in September, but we'll see.

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  15. i think i nominated you, and joe, so it's my fault!!

  16. Hey - sounds like you had a couple of laughs... :)

    envious and all that... ;)

  17. I saw your link over on Susiebadoozie's blog post. Came over to hear what you had to say about the encounter. Sounds like a FUN time! ~ jb///

  18. "Your sandals should not make any noises while you walk" rotf! i hate feet scuffers! I am always telling my daughter to pick up her feet when she walks, and then I see adults scraping and clawing their feet across the ground. Grrr! Sandals will last longer if walked in properly, lol!

  19. Dawn Marie: These sandals were puffing air when she walked! A definite no-no!!!

    LZ: welcome to my blog. Susie is sending lots of traffic my way! c'mon back now ya hear?

    Nerdine! There you are!! I was just wondering about you! It is so hard for me to blog much during the work week and I haven't been blogging much in the mornings either...I have been sleeping as late as I can trying to catch up from the adventure. I will be zipping over to your place promptly.

    Jana: yes I do spray my feet with deo. it is the only way i know of to keep them from being smelly! i don't want Uncle Joe writing a song "Smelly Feet"!

    UJ: Ah yes I remember that, but you don't understand....that was years ago and an isolated incident. we had bad service EVERY SINGLE TIME WE ATE OUT! it is the weirdest thing......

  20. It sounds like you had so much fun. I will not be jealous.

    Sorry about getting here late. Bloglines down again.

    Thanks for saving the samples. I know the women at Chowchilla will be grateful.


  21. that is so cool! i am amazed at how internet friendships can get established! I don't know why I am so amazed, I mean my husband meets people and has made several friends VIA the internet. it is just cool! I guess God had a plan for you two to meet!


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