Saturday, June 17, 2006

Our Budding Arteeeest

A sample of art by CarlyJo.......

Our oldest daughter, CarlyJo has (and her best cousin Elle) have been Art students of a local artist, Mrs. Bishop for about 3 years or so. CarlyJo attends art class one day a week after school. This little girl exudes art. She cannot be near a blank page and not doodle or draw on it. I think it's neat and would love to see her have a life long love affair with art. I think she is on her way. Here is a sampling of their art for this year. Mrs. Bishop did a study of the Masters this year and the students imitated them. We are very proud of you CarlyJoe and Elle!


  1. Nice work, CarlyJo! Keep at it.

  2. this is amazing stuff for her age, i am impressed. those are frameable. crickies, you are going to get to be in the best retirement home in town if she keeps this up. only the highest quality diapers for you and kub

  3. Very cool. My favorite is the top one. If you were here I'd frame them for you.


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