Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Smeller's The Feller

Today I was walking behind an older gentleman . He had obviously forgotten he put on his cologne and reapplied it. He smelled good, but I was walking 8-10 feet behind him and still could smell it. I had a whole string of thoughts about the smell, wondering what it was because it smelled familiar. Once I walked throught the waiting room at work and got a whiff of an unusual scent. It was what Joe wore when we were dating and first married: Joop by Homme. It stopped me in my tracks and I turned around and looked for Joe. Sadly it wasn't my honey trying to sneak up on me. It was also very odd to smell it on someone else that was totally opposite of Joe. Joe wears cologne so lightly I have to be within his arms reach to smell it.....nice for AJ no??;o)

Isn't it odd how smells can transport you back to a time and place in an instant? (sometimes good sometimes bad) For instance: the smell of cinnamon/apple takes me to Christmas at my Aunt Joyce's house, lilac reminds me of my Nan, saw dust makes me think of my father (he has a woodshop) and sweet pea makes me think of CarlyJo. Old book smell reminds me of one of my Great Aunts. The smell of mentholatum takes me back to childhood....rubbing it on my upper lip when I had a stuffy nose. I saw some Prell shampoo the other day and had to take a whiff. Anyone remember Agree??

I think it is awesome that God made such a strong memory cue in our noses. He is so awesome isn't he?

What smells affect you? (i hope i used that word right) What memories to they invoke??


  1. The smell of new "school supplies" takes me back to the first day of school.
    A certain vinyl smell reminds me of getting a dolly for Christmas.
    Old book smell reminds me of the public library in my hometown.
    There are lots of smells that evoke memories.... and you are right about the men's cologne...

  2. Aqua De Gio is what my husband wears when I can afford to buy it for him. Oh it smells so good. Makes me weak in the knees!

    Yellow Cake cooking in the oven makes me think of my grandmother. We'd put grape jelly on fresh hot cake.


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