Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Fodders Day

To Joe:

Happy Fathers Day

A father of two girls is a special Dad.
You have a gift of tender words for your girls.
You take time to color with them and read to them.
You take time to make up "stories from your mouth" at bed time.
You are playful with them and firm when the need arises.
They see you love their mother and make me laugh and make me happy.

Thank you for all you do in our family.
You are the motivator
the instigator
the navigator
the spankinator (although sometimes it is just a love pat!)

We are thankful to have you, Our Superhero with us every day.



  1. A little late but Happy Father's Day to all.


  2. well, this is pretty sweet. lets clarify that the spankinator is for the kids only?

  3. What a nice Father's day post. Thank you for sharing. I see artists in the making on the previous post. I can relate to olfactory senses also. I have had memories come flooding back when a certain scent takes me back. Hugs and have a great Monday!

  4. A great fodder, too.

  5. susie HAHAHA! I knew you couldn't let AJ by with that comment.

    Very sweet AJ!!

  6. That was so sweet. In our house telling "stories from your mouth" is called "talk and tell a story".

  7. This is such a sweet, tender tribute to your Batman.

    CarlyJo's artwork below is wonderful.

    Keep up the great work, CarlyJo!!!


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