Thursday, December 15, 2005

Why Santa Really Won't Visit Uncle Joe

The day before yesterday, before I went to bed, Uncle Joe told me, "I think I will fast from blogging tomorrow."

Yesterday, when I got up I took a shower and then checked email and popped in on Jamie Dawn and Saur to see what they had posted for the day. I had a feeling he was going to cave in and I had a naughty thought: Take the mouse so he CAN'T blog. I pushed the thought away because it sounded a little mean.

I went on my merry way to work and left him to deal with the Two Drama Queens and get them off to school.

I had a break at work mid-morning and thought I would check in and just see if he was being strong. WHen I called I heard the most annoying sound...booop-booop-booop. THe line was busy. I thought to myself, "I have a sneaky feeling he is cheating on his fast" so I logged on to Jamies blog and lo and behold he had been there and told her not to tell!!!! He was busted. (See her post for 12-14-05)

I wrote a very "stern" :0) email to him and before I could hit send he was calling me at work. "Research" he says, "I was doing reasearch." I responded that comment on blogs was blogging.

When I went home for lunch he was watching t.v. When I got ready to leave, I just quietly went into the bedroom and put the mouse in my pocket, kissed him goodbye and went out the door. Just before I left he said he was needing a nap so he would feel good for our RoadTrip that evening. (More on that wonderful experience later)

I got in my car, put it in reverse and DID NOT EVEN MAKE IT OUT THE DRIVEWAY when my phone rang. All he said was, "You mouse stealing Bitty." I laughed all the way back to work and laughed the rest of the day. :o)

I just helped a soul in need afterall. He did get to rest a little. He said he could get the icons to work a little without the mouse, but he couldn't navigate very well, so he gave up and did something else.

Thank goodness he wasn't too mad at me. :) It was all in good fun afterall. He has dished out some doozy practical jokes in his time, so it is high time he get some thrown back at him. Keeps him on his toes don't you think? HAHA

P.S. Thanks for keeping him honest Jamie!


  1. Hahahaha....hahaha......hahaha..

  2. this is too funny. serves him right. next time, he won't be so forthcoming about his intentions. fasting from blogs indeed. who ever heard of such nonsense. he's addicted, and we all know it. did he suffere dt's? did he have partial paralization when you got home? mouse stealing bitty? hmmmmmmm

  3. Good for you! You pulled a fast one, but if your hubby is anything like mine, you better be prepared for his revenge.
    How DARE him call you a bitty!!!!

    My kids are I are heading out the door in five minutes to go see King King! Hooray!! It will certainly be better than Joe vs. the Volcano!

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  5. i think your hubby is bored? you need to dirty some dishes, or something to keep him off the internet. make him wash all the socks, and iron them.

  6. I don't know about that movie comment. Joe vs Volcano was pretty cute. (And I saw it and loved it before I met my Joe)

    I am not afraid of his revenge. I can out run him now! (and when we play-fight, I have the daughters on my side and we can whip him!)

    You are a home-school Mom? Good for you. How many children do you have?

  7. I know when I'm outnumbered. At least my mommy likes me.


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