Tuesday, December 13, 2005


The Girl Scout's play went off without a hitch....and the District Leader was there. She is in charge of entertainment for the Area/District Christmas party in Tulsa and was scouting for entertainment. Our girls may get to perform for all the District Leaders. What an honor that would be! The night was great.....except those giggly squealy girls wouldn't be quiet while we were waiting for the curtain to open, but as soon as it did they put on their best manners and performed the best they ever have. I think we had 20+ people there, so that was good in itself.

Hubby had to miss the play. He had one of those naps where "the nap takes him" and has a vague recollection of my call to wake him up to come to the play. I know he felt bad for missing it. When we got home he said, Bad Dad!" We did get it on video so he will have to watch that today and probably go to Tulsa if that pans out as pentance don't you think? :) haha


  1. So sorry he missed it. I'm sure you will all enjoy watching it together.
    Good job, girls!!!!

  2. your husband gave you an award, so i hopped on over here to check you out.

  3. I am not near as funny as him,
    but he is rubbing off on me. I don't know how he thinks up all this stuff. He makes life funny. I am glad to have him around.

    Thanks for stopping by....I look forward to more posts and comments

    WHo is the drummer?

    You know he didn't really give me anything yesterday except a hard time. Hmmmph

  4. well, we shall keep a close eye on uncle joe, in order that he gives you more than a hard time.

    my little drummer boy. hm.
    well, if you ever watched the best of will ferrell on saturday night live, it is Gene, and he is featured here on "the cowbell".

    i'm fond of him.

  5. Oh yeah...I can see Will now!

    I just love him. I want Elf for Christmas....hey that's too late to enjoy it. Maybe Joe will get us one as my "prize"


  6. Your husband is breaking the No Blog on Wednesday rule. You'd better see to it that he gets proper punishment! But then, YOU commented at my blog today too! Does the rule only apply to him?

  7. Yes, he imposed that rule on himself. I have no part of that. I will punish him severely. :)


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