Friday, December 16, 2005

The Office Christmas Party

We went to the boss' house for our annual Christmas party tonight. It was actually one of the more fun parties we have had. We have some party-poopers at work and some who think a party must involve alcoholic libations. The latter indulged in their libation of choice prior to their arrival at the party. The former didn't come and I am glad. (She is a buttinski-meanie-know-it-all) Some of our past parties have gotten pretty wild after we left of course, so I was glad this one was fun but tame.

Uncle Joe accompanied me to the affair and assured me he could turn on the charm at will if needed if the party got dull. Thankfully he did not have to.....we all had a good time visiting.

We have 13 employees and most came with their spouses. A drug rep sponsored the food, so we had some nice appetizers and desserts. We had been rat-holing money away all year for the party and since we didn't have to spend it, maybe we could talk the boss into another party!

We drew numbers for the gift exchange and I got a wonderful man-gift: a rechargable spotlight. (There was only one man who participated and he wouldn't listen to me telling him to choose his own he ended up with some nice Freesia scented bath products. haha) I think I will re-gift it to Uncle Joe. Who cares that he saw me open it up?

As I sat enjoying my newly discovered with vanilla creamer, Uncle Joe accused me of only starting to like coffee to get on his good side. How absurd! I have always loved the smell of coffee. I discussed with my friend, Murff, that we should make an alarm clock that emitted coffee scent to wake you up. Doesn't that just sound devine? I have even gone so far as to pour a cup and just set it on my desk for the aroma before I discovered this wonderful vanilla creamer!! When Joe was the Coffee Man I was turned on to cappaccino, and as the time has passed, I mixed more and more coffee in it till I can drink just coffee. When I arrived at work one day this week and poured a cup before I went to my desk I had a revelation: I am finally grown up! I like coffee! It was a good day. Joe, you should be proud of me. :) That is also why I am still blogging at 11:30pm! haha Maybe I should think about some decaf next time.


  1. you misspelled one word here hon.

  2. Also, thanks for passing over the veil into Adulthood. Welcome!

  3. You passed the test! Congratulations.

    I have a slice of pumpernickel for you.

  4. I hope Joe likes his spotlight. Those manly gifts are kind of dull to us ladies. We prefer stuff that smells good or sparkles.


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