Friday, December 16, 2005

Random Things About Josefina

1. My first wedding was the first civilian wedding in the fort at Ft. Gibson. My first marriage ended in the first divorce at the fort too.

2. I hear voices that tell me to steal my husband's mouse.

3. I peel the top off pizza and eat it first, then the crust.

4. I hate celery but will eat it for $100 per stalk. Joe paid me once and I choked it down. :) $$

5. I have a terrible weakness for toilet humor.

6. I sleep with ear plugs because someone in my bed snores.

7. I have had three broken bones.

8. I have never taken drugs or smoked. Well once I had one drag and nearly choked.

9. I share my given first name with my mother and my paternal grandmother.

10. I am ditzy and I know it.

11. I don't like reality shows. They aren't reality.

12. I saw a tornadoe once. Joe and his friend stood out in the yard and watched it. I stayed inside.

13. My favorite movie is Joe vs the Volcano.
Just kidding. It's The Wizard of Oz.

14. I worked as a waitress once. (See #10 to know why I quit)

15. I twirled a rifle in high school.

16. I am the oldest of three siblings (brothers)

17. I won a waterbed in a radio contest once.

18. I met Joe two weeks after I got divorced. We have been together since. (14 years)

19. I have never met anyone famous (that I can recall.)

20. I have three jobs, one of which involved collecting urine for drugscreens.


  1. veryyyyy interesting. i think your favorite movie should be joe vs the tornado. i've been divorced too. i was married 13 years to a man i'll refer to as "satan". just kidding. not really. i can't call him that, he's the father of my son. so now, my son has had the 2nd grade teacher from hell, and now its the 4th grade teacher from an island near hell. she's no where near as bad as mrs 2nd grade teacher, oh my gosh, that woman was EVIL. my son is very trying on the patience, but garsh, he's just a kid, and he is not mean, or nasty, and he is nice to be around. so i don't know what they want from him, perfection? don't answer that. i'm sick of the school thing.

  2. I refer to my ex as Butt-head. It is very fitting actually. Thank goodness we didn't have children and we don't ever see him. Joe gets really hot when they cross paths, so thankfully it is very infrequently.

    I hope your son has a good Christmas break and lets his eyebrows grow back in. I have a friend who put Nair on hers when she was a teen and now has to draw eyebrows on her face every morning. Please tell your son we don't want to spend our mornings drawing eyebrows on his cute little face. :o) People look really funny without eyebrows. It gives them character, especially when you are an old man and can store things in them when they get bushy.

  3. that is funny. actually, dylans dad has a unibrow. it's gross. he has to shave it in the middle, but the rest of them are so bushy. they have a very commanding presense. he picks his eyebrows all the time, i used to get really grossed out at the dinner table, after he ate, he would pick them, and put them on his plate. can you imagine? maybe that's where dylan gets it.

  4. Wizard of Oz is a wonderful movie.

    Urine collection sounds yucky.

    Great list. Glad to know you better.. quirks and all.

    Susie was married to Satan, and you were married to Butt-head. That is scary!

  5. So who was married to Beavis?

  6. Good timing for a new reader to get to know you better. What's wrong with Joe Versus the Volcano? LOL

  7. Nothing is wrong with it, it is Joe's fav movie. Apparently there is a "cult" following of the movie and people have found all sorts of spiritual insights in it. My Joe says he is Joe in the first part of the movie where he is having the life sucked out of him by his boss.

    I visited your blog.....good one! I love to hear other parents' stories about the silly things kids say and do.

    :O) Look forward to blogging w/you.


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