Sunday, December 18, 2005

My name is Josefina and I am a re-gifter

I went to the "Sister Party" yesterday (My mother and her 6 sisters host a party for all the daughters/daughters in laws at Christmas and Mothers day each year) and I ended up with the gift I took. It was my own doing. I didn't like any of the other gifts and decided I would just take mine back and get something for someone else. I also got some unwanted booty from my sister in law to regift to my step-mother in law. Hey every penny I can save helps me out, and just why would I want to keep something I will never use? I wish I had thought of re-gifting those nose hair clippers.

I got to feeling a little bad at the party and left as soon as it was over. I thought it was from the 5 cheese balls that they had and went home to lay down. Turns out I had a slight fever. Joe snuggled with me till I fell alseep and I felt much better after a short nap. I like naps. I don't get to enjoy them much any more though.

We have found a nice circle of blogger friends over the past few weeks. What fun you all are! I was afraid of blogging at first because I was afraid of some random creepy person reading/commenting on my posts. You all are nice, normal (well mostly normal) people and I am glad to have you! You all keep me laughing and thinking all the time! I actually miss it when I am at work and sneak off to the ONE computer in the building that has internet and blog a line or two. :o)

Only ONE week til Christmas!! I can't wait for Joe to see his gifts! I am planning another early morning trip to Walmart tomorrow to try and finish up my shopping. The kids are out of school and they will be asleep when I leave. Joe will be stuck with them for two whole weeks. Please pray for them! (really. they wear him out. )

Joe is behind me on our bed indulging in a nap. I think I will join him for a little rest before church tonight.


  1. you poor thing, you think we're all normal? well, i guess you said most of us. hahahahaha, okay, whose the weird and creepy person!!!!! who are you, come forth!!!!!

    i used to worry about that too. i've had to let go of it. hope you don't end up getting a cold, this is not a good time!!

    i'm going to try that recipe or yours. it sounds so yummy

  2. Acknowledgment of the problem is the 1st step. Only 11 more steps to go.

  3. say what? hm?

    by the way aunt jo, i'm a regifter too. i just keep some things on hand you know, in case i need them. no sense in wasting things, or spending money when you don't need to.

  4. I admit it - I'm a re-gifter too!! My sister asked me the other day if I was a re-gifter. She said Opra had that topic on her show and apparently it wasn't proper to re-gift. Whatever!! No sense in wasting something someone else would enjoy.

    This is my first visit here Auntie J - I like it.


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