Friday, December 16, 2005

Lunch-time shopping

Hey I have a new diet: Lunchtime Shopping Diet. It is very easy. Shop your whole lunch hour away and don't eat! I even tried to go to McD's but had to abandon my order because we not only have a drive thru, but one with TWO lanes so I got behind about 4 people and only 3 minutes to get back to work. I settled for a tuna-pack and some left-over cheese-ball from the party.

Went to do some shopping for Uncle Joe and found some treasures. I can't wait for Christmas morning! :)

My mother is taking my 6 yr old Christmas shopping later. This should be interesting. They let the grandchildren buy whatever they want for their parents. One year I got purple measuring spoons. My daughters are very practical gift-givers apparently. (hey measuring spoons are better than nose hair clippers any day!)


  1. tell you 6 year old you want an ipod. do you think your parents would pay for that?

    if you think of really good stuff at work, you need to write it down. so you can blog later. i have to write everything down. i'm retarded.

    did you get uncle joe a new mouse? maybe a cute one shaped like a lady bug? i think you should install a little tiny camera. and spy on him during the day.

  2. I could install a "nanny-cam" type device.....I wonder if the dog would let me hook her up with a camera. She usually stays right by his side all day.

    Nana and Papa give the girls a set amount of money, hence the measuring spoons. What I really enjoy is their story behind the gift. "Remember mom the other day when you were making cookies and you......blah blah blah, so I got you these pretty spoons."

    Uncle Joe needs one of those fancy-schmancy mouses (is that grammaticaly correct?) that has a roller ball. Too bad I am done shopping for him. hmmm Maybe I should tell the girls... :)

  3. Gene, you'd better be nice. I know Santa personally. No cowbell lessons for you!No soup for you!


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