Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Blood

Hey y'all....please go check out:

slick's blog

He's new.


  1. i checked it out, i did. but who is this person, do you know her personallly? huh, do ya? i need some info, i don't want to have to do a background check. i gots me a subscription to that there net detective. and i's aint afraid to use it no sir. aint no thang. good thangs is gonna happen to me, just so longs as i never have no in ma heart, yes siree, cause I'M JOE DIRT.

  2. Yep I know him.


    For about 7 years.

    See him everyday.

    We share poop jokes and laugh our hineys off til we cry.

    He is very smart and has a superquick wit, so you better be on your toes girl.

  3. Hello there! I hope you and Uncle Joe and the girls had a glorious weekend and will have a wonderful New Year's weekend. My kids are going ice skating and hanging out at an all night youth event. The event is on Friday night, though, so that they won't be too tired and skip church on Sunday. So, it doesn't make since to call it a New Years Youth Night since they won't actually be ringing in the New Year.
    Hitonious is a word I make up years ago. I blogged about it when I first started blogging back in April or May, and many other bloggers use it now. Why? Because it is a GREAT word. You use it when the words hideous or horrendous just don't cut it. There are things that are beyond horrendous. That is when you use the word hitonious.
    For example: That was the most hitonious diaper I have ever changed.
    It is pronounced hit-own-ee-us.
    Feel free to use it!!

  4. I used it to stump Slick. He is a human dictionary. If you get a chance please check out his blog.

    We have plans to ring in the New Year with our Sunday School classmates at a party with the kids in tow. That should be fun, especially when we all try to make it to SS the next day! Family-0-Joe's are always fashionably late.

    Happy New Year!

  5. so how did you talk slick into starting a blog? did you tell him about all of us, and how fun we are? did you tell him, that he can't be mean to me or uncle joe will beat him up, as my personal blog feedback coordinator person. sides that, i think my avatar is pretty intimidating don't you?

  6. It was totally all about you.

    I told him what a riot you are and how much fun we all have every wasn't too hard to talk him into it.

    I got it! Joe could be a free-lance comment coordinator!! It is very lucrative and he could get in on the "ground floor" .

  7. Joe is not for sale. Joe works for Susie.

  8. thanks joe, you're the best, and such a loyal man. now, just remember this. i'm loyal to, but always first to wives. so while your watching my back, i'm watching your wifes back, so watch your step. not that i don't like you, cause i really do, its just that us women have to stick together, in order to fight against the evil that is testosterone.

  9. Hey don't y'all mess with
    The Susie's Squared!!! We will stick together :o)

  10. I'm talking about work. Business. What I do. Who I am.

    I am loyal to my family, but business is business. You do what you have to do and I'll do what I have to do. Who's got my back?
    Oh, there you are Gene.

  11. thats a scary thought, with gene, bearing down on you from the rear. don't bend over.

  12. I DON'T EVEN WANT TO KNOW.......

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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