Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Got an email from G-mom. She is hosting a BINGO game for all the little girl cousins today! What fun that will be. Anything at G-moms is always fun. She is a really fun grandmother. She is so nurturing and sweet to the girls. She showers them with love an affection and gives such neat gifts! The prizes will be interesting and fun.....

My 16 yr old niece is in from Texas so they are going to have a fun day with her and spend the night. That will be a treat for me and Joe! BINGO! I smell a date night......

Last night Joe called Ted. Ted is remodeling his house. Ted needed help. We went to Ted's. Ted was half-nekid. Ted made a mess. Joe and Ted cleaned it up. Josie, Carly and Cassi left Joe there and went to the mall. :) I don't think they missed us.

Cassi has a loose tooth. Front left tooth. It is so loose, yet hangs on for dear life. I have pulled and pulled on it and can't get it out. She is a brave soul too...she will let anyone yank on it. She will be so cute when they are both gone! One of my favorite pictures of Carly is one when she has her two front teeth missing.


  1. My son Landen turned 6 in October and has only lost his two bottom teeth so far - has his new ones in already. I can't wait for him to lose his top teeth but they're not even close to being loose.

  2. My ex-mother-in-law was the tooth-puller in the family. She has this little trick where she looks at the child's tooth, then reaches up to touch it and quickly and painlessly twists and yanks it out - SNAP! It's incredible, the kid is smiling, and the tooth is out. I dunno how she does it, to this day.

  3. Sounds like you have a fun day ahead.
    What's the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? My kids were little when we were in Brazil, and the fairy got off durn cheap. A few thousand "cruzeiros" looked like a lot, but you needed a pocketful to buy anything.

  4. i was an idiot on the first tooth and gave 5 bucks. i was later informed, that there are a lot of teeth in the human mouth, and that if i don't want to go broke, i will reduce the going rate.

    anne, you really don't want those teeth. they look like big white chicklets. they're gory. it makes your baby, not look like a baby anymore, but a big boy, with chicklet teeth.

    just tie a string to the bumper of the car, and to the tooth, and have uncle joe take off. she will blame him, and all will be fine.

    by the way, ted was naked? is he cute? does he have a good bawday? next time, take picures, unless of course, he is not cute, or has a flabby body. ted, if you read this don't get offended, i am just kidding around. did i say round? now, i didnt' say you were round.

  5. Sorry, can't comment on the bod. Let me just tell you what Cassidy said, "Mom....I got a little shy when I had to look at Ted's boobies." I say, "Then why did you look?" She replied, "They were cute." AHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Cassi is eager to get the tooth out and wants us to tie a string around it. She is so brave....I was such a fraidy cat. We need Nana-The-Tooth-Puller to come visit us tonight. She is like Saur's mother in law...she can pull it and Cassidy not even know it til she feels the hole.

    Poor Mother in Law is feeling bad and only gets to have BINGO this after noon, freeing Joe to go keyboard shopping with his friend Roy. He needs some male adult interaction...he has been with the girls for a week and a half and is probably a little stir-crazy by now, or at least crazy. :o)

  6. yeah, and uncle joe got all poopie on my blog today, said it was "girl talk" hurmph. well, i never. guess i'll have to use that left side of my brain, and put a man post on it, man, i even talked about farts and skid marks. and he still complained. what sort of post would hold his interest. guitar playing for dummies? coffee buying for dummies? help me out here, i don't want to loose my most faithful reader. gotsta give the public what they want.

    on the uncle ted thing. i laughed real loud on that. and was forced to tell dyl why i was laughing. your daughter is truly a gem. i want to borrow her.

    did i mention how much i dig kids? i like them way more than adults, no offense. thats why i want to have a job that works with kids. adults are stubborn, and they won't listen to me. i end up beating the tar out of them, and i'll get fired

  7. I am drawn to kids too. I actually have a BS in education, but chose this instead.....I cannot pass up a little rugrat in the waiting room without stopping to talk and make them laugh, and sometimes get a hug or two. So what if I have to bribe them with candy occassionally.

  8. Auntie J, tell Susie it's okay to post about girly stuff, I just wasn't prepared for it. I promise to be more forgiving and more attentive to other blogger's needs and stuff. Amen.

  9. Uncle Joe you are forgiven.

    Hey Saur love the new picture of me. Where did you get it? I thought I had them all out of circulation.

  10. uncle joe, your little profile that a pretty accurate likeness of you?

    auntie J, you have a BS in education? that's what dyls going for but we's speaking of a different sort of BS

  11. First of all I wasn't naked. Linsay used to say you were naked if you were in your underwear. If you didn't have on underwear you were "REALLY NAKED" But I was wearing pants and forgot how bad I must look without a shirt. I hardly ever answer the door naked but one saturday I really freaked out some Jehovah's Whitness ladies for waking me and answered the door"naked"


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