Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I am a little off today

Ha! A day off! So, why was I up at 5:30 watching Batman Begins? Because Cassidy, otherwise known as Sleeping Taz came to our bed this morning at 3am. She doesn't do well in group sleep settings. She requires a lot of room. Did I also mention that she suffers from nocturnal voice emodulation? Yep she talks and sometimes yells in her sleep. Needless to say, Mom was not getting a good night's sleep. This may be the day that a nap takes me as Joe says.

I have some big plans for today if I can find some wonderful soul to watch Cassidy. Grandma is contagious with an eye infection and we really don't care to share that wonderful affliction with her so we will have to make alternate arrangements for her. Joe wants to date me today and go to a movie. I hope it's not King Kong. I heard large apes are from the devil so I am scared to go.

We got a light dusting of snow last night. Just enough to make all the cars/rooftops white. :o)


  1. My littleness was in my bed this morning as well. I think it was around 3:00 and I didn't go to bed until about 2:00. I'm WAY off today.

    I'm sure I will be dozing while my son is doing his reading later today.

  2. dozing, or ie: napping. love it.

    NVI. nocturnal voice imodulation. ask your doctor about it today, perhaps one of YOUR family members suffers from NVI. experts predict nearly everyone in the world suffers from this condition nightly. what is the prescription? more cowbell?

    and yes, you are correct. large apes are from the devil. they prey on those smaller than themselves, and eat their own young. beware.

    hope you have a fun date. don't go to walmart.

  3. Walmart is not in my plans today. I plan on taking Joe to the mall for some exercise and counteracting that with some lunch and maybe a coffee (my new friend)

    I have had some coffee already and am feeling the love of caffeine now. yea coffee!

    Joe is behind me on the bed having a morning nap. Hmmph. I am a little jealous.

  4. tell joe to wake up, and update his darn blog already, he is excercising lazy blogging skills right now. do you find yourself calling him joe now?

  5. Yep, I call him Joe a lot now, and he calls me Josefina. I think it is funny! :)

    He did update the blog yesterday but for some reason it published two or three entries down. It is called "Five W's".......

    When I wake him up from naps like these he gets snippy with me, then has no recollection of the event. Maybe I could talk him into buying me some diamonds this way. heehee

  6. I hope your date day was fun.
    My daughter does childcare at church for babies and toddlers, and she said that babysitting is the best form of birth control a teen can have. She gets so tired of carrying "fat babies" around that she is in no hurry to start a family of her own. If you lived close by, I'd ask her to watch Cassidy for you, since Cassidy is not in the category of "fat babies."

    King Kong IS of the devil, but it was sure a good flick!

  7. Well, the movie thing fell through. By the time Joe's nap was done taking him it was too late, so we settled for a short trip to the mall and to Walmart for some last minute shopping.

    I bet Cassidy could talk your daughter's off! She is wearing me out! She is very good and right this minute I am making her practice "being quiet". So she is whispering in my ear!


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