Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cassidy AKA Rachel Ray

Today while I was making Christmas cookies, Cassidy was having some play time. She was Rachel Ray,of the Food Network's 30 Minute Meals. Apparently there was a taping right at my kitchen table.

What was the menu you ask? Toe Jam. (Yes Toe Jam.) Here is the recipe:
First you mush it up, then pinch it up.
Put it in the oven til January a month ago and then it is done.

Tell me my baby's not gifted. Can your child cook toe jam?! :o)

I am still laughing!!!

She even had commercial breaks! She would go back to the table and say, "We're back cooking toe jam....."


  1. How old is she? I learn soooo much from my kids. Mostly, how to have a child-like heart.

  2. i wonder where she got the notion of toe jam. wouldn't be ole uncle joe would it?

    i just read your whole blog. so now, i have some questions.
    1. what ever happened with beverly's seizures
    2. do you still have the home based business?
    3. how long did you date uncle joe before you got hitched?
    4. what happened about you buying nan's house?

    is that enough for now? yes, i'm snoopy, and i like to ask questions.

  3. Auntie J left out that Cassidy can't say r's to well so it came out, Wachel Way.

    No, Susie not from me. I am Grand Wizard of the "Stamp out Toe Jam" campaign.

  4. Thanks for reading my life!

    Beverly is still not back to work. She is still having seizures and it isn't looking good for her to come back right now. SHe has been off for a month. She is making progress, but not leaps and bounds. Plz remember her in prayer.

    Yes I still have the home based business. I do medical billing for one of the physicians at work who does some work on the side. It isn't a great money maker, but it is a good tax write off and it doesn't take long. I also do after hours urine drug screen collections. We are on call and will travel to an employer site or to the emergency room to collect a specimen for forensic testing. I have not gotten a call yet, but my boss has done about three since November 1, our official date to start. I am the biller for that business too since I have the computer & program.

    I met Uncle Joe December 22 1991 and married him August 14, 1993. We hit it off immediately and he asked me to marry him about 3 weeks after we met. I knew I would marry him the first time we kissed.

    Nothing has happened with Nan's house yet. My dad and his sister have to talk about it and decide what to do since they own it together. I know our whole family wants us to have it (buy it). We like living in Muskogee and Ft. Gibson is only 8 miles away so it's not that far. We would have a little smaller bedroom and no music room but otherwise it would be a big step up for us. The house we live in now it old and needs a lot of repairs. I imagine that something may happen this early spring....plz remember us in prayer!

    There you have it. My regular life. Thanks again for reading it. I read your first entry the other day really quickly....you can expect some questions from me now too. (It is just hard to get computer time around here with the BlogHog in the house.)

    I'll email you from work and tell you some more of his gifts he is getting. :0)

  5. Cassidy is 6 years old and thinks she knows it all.

    Her front teeth are loose. I can't wait to see her with no teeth! That will be so cute!

  6. Mine son is 6 and my dauther is 3. I never knew life could be this fun!

  7. Auntie J, how come I don't remember any of that? Is that your other life?

  8. You were in the "wooing stage" so your eyes were glassy. heehee

  9. thanks for answering my questions, i think other peoples lives are very interesting, and i'm a very inquisitive person. i'm so happy that you and uncle joe found each other, and are living happily ever after, in your glassy eyed state of being. and i will pray about your house decision, and beverly

    have a greaaaatt day

  10. What is is with Rachel Ray? My son, 6 yrs, adores her and asked for her kid's cookbook for Christmas. (Which he's getting, along with some other more "boy/kid" stuff.)

  11. For the answer to the ? "what is it with Rachel Ray?" please visit my other blog "There's just something about that Rachel Ray!"

  12. That sounds so yummy. I hear Toe Jam Casserole puts off a lovely aroma that fills the whole house while it's baking.

  13. Take your shoes off and get a preview whiff!

    I hope she stays funny ! :)


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