Monday, December 19, 2005

Most Excellent Weekend!

Got my shopping done, now I just need to wrap it all. There is not ONE gift under our tree yet. That is worrying the girls a bit. :) I have all their stuff hidden. You know I never know whether to wrap their gifts up or not. One year I did and they wanted them not wrapped, so the next year I left them out and what did they want? Wrapped. I can't win.

The girls and I went to my niece, Salani's Christmas program last night. I hated missing our adult's program cause my friend, Shannon had a big ad-lib singing part. The choir director asked her not to "growl" during the ad-lib and I was sure hoping she would do it anyway. She is such a rebel. Joe said she did it a little and it was good.

This is the first day of Joe's Two Week Torture with Carly and Cassidy. I tried real hard to get the living room cleaned up last night so it wouldn't seem quite so bad. Almost got it done, just needed to vacuum, and I thought that would be a good day-time job, not an eleven pm job. :)

Well I got to work early, so I guess I will get to work early.

10:45am: I really need to spell check these posts before I publish. I found funny errors. The girls are worring me. Yep that's true. They drive me crazy. And Shannon was asked not to "grow" haha!!


  1. yes, vacuuming at 11 is considered crazy behavior. i hope uncle joe has a good time with the kids. i bet they cut into his blogging time? we'll see. now. for the ad libbing part on the song. why would you ask someone to ad lib their part? thats just crazy talk.

    we watched a rather funny movie, called "mormons and mobsters". now, i'm not a mormon, nor do i play one on tv. this is a b rated movie, but it was pretty funny. new release at hollywood video.

    my favorite part was this woman singing a solo at church, and one of the male characters was making faces at her from the audience while she was singing, the look on her face was priceless. her song is a good one for uncle joe to sing this week

    "There is beauooooootyyyyyyyy all arounnnnnnnnnnnd
    When there's love at hooooooooooome" can you sing that to him please? just as i have written it?????

  2. I will do it as soon as I get home this evening. :) He loves it when I sing to him, especially when I sing through my nose. I told you I have a talented of my many talents. I can also spank Cassidy while holding a sleeping infant. I really had to do that yesterday at church in the nursery. It was not a pretty sight. (But the babe slept on.

  3. My mom would never put the Xmas presents out until Xmas morning (as we slept). It added to the fun and we didn't have the ability to shake things and try to figure them out. Ohhhh the agony of the wait! ;o)

  4. My mother told us if we peeked at the gifts before they got up, they would disappear. I tried it when I was five and sneaked a peek. I got a Sunshine Family. Anyone remember those? I still have the baby. Her pj's are tattered and torn and her face is dirty. What do you expect? She is 30 years old!

  5. well, i was a naughty child. i actually unwrapped the gifts, and then re wrapped them. i deserved NOTHING
    i am a peeker, and a seeker and a motivational speaker. needless to say, i myself use A LOT of tape on my sons gifts. not like he peeks. hes a good kid, unlike myself.

  6. The ad lib was part of the song. Consider the smarmy "We are the World" while the superstars are singing the song, Bruce Springsteen is vocally imodulating
    I have to find that movie, Auntie J, you think Blockbuster has it? Please?

  7. Hmmm lessee....maybe just MAYBE, if you are a good boy and do the dishes tonight.

  8. The first three gifts that were under our tree were all for Taylor, our son. He was thrilled! Two came by mail from my parents, and one was from us. He was feeling like the favorite child for a few days, until more gifts made their way under the tree and stole his thunder. I'm afraid he was forced to realize that we do love our daughter too.

  9. When the girls wake up tomorrow the tree will be brimming!! I will put a few in there for them and all of Uncle Joe's loot. :)

  10. So tomorrow is Christmas morning? Wooweee!

  11. uncle joe better not be under there shaking stuff, or otherwise being obnoxious, or his stuff will be given to the kids in ethiopia!!


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