Monday, December 12, 2005


Last night while Hubby and I were snuggling in Cassidy's bed (the 6 yr old) she said something funny.

Hubby and I were snuggled together and she got jealous and said, "Dad get your hand off Mom's breath."

He looked at me and we just cracked up. His hand was not on my breath....

I am a little worried about that statement .....


  1. Kids do say some funny things. Sometimes they are just cute, and other times they can be blatantly honest. Cassidy sounds like a sweetie.

  2. She is a sweetie if she would be still! She is a fireball of talking from the minute she wakes up to the minute she goes to sleep at night.

    She asked her dad, "Daddy would you teach me to sleep by myself when I am six?" She has since rescinded that statement and does not want to sleep alone. Good thing she has a queen size one of us can lay down comfortably with her til she goes to sleep. She always crawls in bed with us sometime in the night and never remembers how she got there. "How did I get in that room Mommy? When I went to sleep I was in my room?!"


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