Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tap Dancing in Hades

Cassidy's dance class held their annual Nursing Home Christmas Program last night. Oh.My. Goodness. It was SO flippin' hot in there!! I know that the little old people need it warm due to their poor circulation, but please think of the healthy visitors! Whenwe got done we rushed out of there to the frigid night air to catch out breath. Our cheeks were all rosy and Joe and I were parched. We came home and drank a whole container of orange juice!

My sweet sister in law tacket tinsel to the bottom of our girls dance skirts and they looked adorable. I hope to have a picture to post soon. Alli (her daughter) and Cassidy aren't in the same class, and they were of COURSE the best dancers in their respective classes. Cassi is the oldest in her class and is pretty good! It was just so sweet to watch them.

After the dance we went around the room and shook hands with the residents and said Merry Christmas! I was surprised at the children for doing it because some of the residents were a little scary looking, but very sweet and grateful for the attention.

When we got outside, Carly said, "Mom when we leave Nursing Homes, Nana says we always have to wash our hands." Funny, but true.

So, who knows what Joe is getting me for Christmas?? :0) heehee


  1. A whole container?
    just what is tacket?
    Nursing home residents aren't as scary as your family. :(

    He's getting you some hand sanitizer and a spell check.

    somebody is holding a wet noodle to my head and making me say this stuff.

  2. Yes you meanie. We drank the whole oj in 4 glasses. (No additives)

    Yea, you are so tortured. I hope you get noodles in your hair that is too long.

  3. oops, someone needs a haircut? could it happen during one of those long winter naps?

    my mom always said the same thing about washing hands. cause our church used to go there and sing, and back then, it was a lot scarier, trust me. i could smell death, and old people abuse.

    that wouldn't be one of your children who visited the big dyl's blog would it? cause i noticed they like junie b jones, and so do you?

  4. No, we didn't visit, but we will. They might like that! :) Does he have a lot of readers?

  5. a few, he's been bugging me for a long time to link his blog, but i was scared his dad would get onto mine, but i deleted a bunch of stuff from the past, which could be contrued as "hateful"? i left some things which are just plain funny, and if dad ever does read, he'll just have to get over it, freak that he is

  6. This brings back memories of my daughter's dance class field trips. There were trips to convelscent homes, dancing at the local fall festival and schools. What fun! I'm sure the tacket(d) (I knew what you meant) tinsel looked very cute.


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